Treasure Island Businesses, Attractions and Recreation

Treasure Island Restaurants, Grocery and Food Carts:

  • Aracely Cafe - 401 13th Street - (415) 985-7117 - Call for current hours.
  • Mersea Restaurant - 699 Avenue of the Palms - (415) 851-8118 - Call for current hours.
  • Island Cove Market/Grocery - 850 Avenue H - (415) 391-2299
  • Treasure Island Job Corps Fine Dining Lunch - TIJCC Campus - reservations required (415) 277-2400 - Currently closed.
  • TI Market/Deli - 1 Avenue of the Palms, Administration Building south parking lot
  • Mateo's Hot Dogs - 1 Avenue of the Palms, Administration Building west parking lot

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Treasure Island Wineries:

Treasure Island is at the forefront of San Francisco's urban winery movement; a home for wineries and tasting rooms offering something for almost every wine afficianados' interest. 

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Treasure Island Museum Lecture Series and Exhibits:

The Treasure Island Museum (TIM), a non-profit organization, promotes the history of Treasure and Yerba Buena Islands, curates historic exhibits relevant to the history of the Islands, the Golden Gate International Exposition, the United States sea services, and the history of San Francisco Bay.  TIM exhibits can be found in the TIM Museum Gallery at the Treasure Island Administration Building and at the TIDA offices.  Visit the Treasure Island Museum website.

TIM Lecture Series:

TIM hosts a regular free-of-charge lecture series..  Check the TIM website for upcoming scheduled lectures.
The Treasure Island Museum Lecture Series is currently presented online.  Please see full information here:

TIM Museum Gallery Exhibits:

The TIM Museum Gallery is currently closed.

Located in the Adminstration Building Lobby, the TIM Museum Gallery features rotating exhibits of the history of the Islands curated by TIM staff and guest curators.  The Gallery is open weekdays and exhibits are free-of-charge.

TIM Online Exhibit:

View the TIM Online Exhibit "Wish You Were Here: Postcards from the Golden Gate International Exposition"

"Signal" Public Artwork:

Located on the Treasure Island western waterfront at Avenue of Palms and 9th Street, "Signal" is a public art piece created by Bay Area artist Tom Loughlin and made of steel from the old Eastern Span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Learn more about "Signal" and artist Tom Loughlin

Sports and Recreation:

Treasure Island is home to a variety of sports leagues, instructional centers, recreational opportunities and community fitness facilities; making it "Your Recreation Destination".  

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Treasure Island Business Directory:

Schools, Sports and Recreation, Community-Serving:

Life Learning Academy
651 8th Street
(415) 397-8957
Life Learning Academy website

Treasure Island Gymnasium
Building 402, Avenue M and 9th Street
(415) 765-9037

San Francisco Golden Gate Youth Rugby clubhouse and pitch
725 California Avenue
San Francisco Golden Gate Youth Rugby website

San Francisco Little Leauge fields
Tepper Field; Ketchum Field
San Francisco Little League website

Treasure Island Yacht Club
300 Clipper Cove Way
(415) 434-4475
Treasure Island Yacht Club website

A Tran's Bay Bike Shop
One Avenue of Palms, Suite 021
(415) 678-5323
Tran's Bay Bike Shop website 

SFFD Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (SF NERT)  Treasure/Yerba Buena Islands team
Email TI/YBI NERT team
SF NERT website

SF Dept. of Public Health Treasure Island Community Nurse Clinic
Every Tuesday from 4P to 7 P at Treausre Island Gym
Click here for more information

Treasure Island Job Corps Center
351 Avenue H
(415) 277-2400
Treasure Island Job Corps website

Treasure Island Child Development Center
Building 502, Avenue D and 11th Street
(415) 834-0602
Treasure Island Child Development Center website

Treasure Island Sailing Center
698 California Avenue, #112
(415) 421-2225
Treasure Island Sailing Center website

San Francisco Gaelic Athletic Association clubhouse and grounds
Avenue H and 13th Street
(415) 398 - 2092
San Francisco Gaelic Athletic Association website

Treasure Isle Marina
1 Clipper Cove Way
(415) 981-2416
Treasure Isle Marina website

Treasure Island Community - Neighborhood Organization
Email TI Community



Food and Beverage, Wineries, Special Events:

Treasure Island Job Corps Fine Dining Room
TI JCC Campus - 575 Avenue D
(415) 277-2400

Mersea Restaurant
699 Avenue of the Palms
(415) 851-8118
Visit the Mersea Restaurant website

Treasure Island Wines
800 Avenue H
(415) FYI-WINE (394-9463)
Visit Treasure Island Wines website

Mateo's Bay Area Hot Dogs
1 Avenue of Palms (Administration Building western parking lot)

Sottomarino Winery
400 California Avenue, Suite 2
Sottomarino Winery website

Sol Rouge Winery
Building 141, Avenue F east of Hangar 2
Sol Rouge website

Woods Island Club
422 Clipper Cove Way

Woods Island Club website

Aracely Cafe
401 13th Street
(415) 985-7117
Visit Aracely Cafe website

Island Cove Market
850 Avenue H
(415) 391-2299

Treasure Island Market Deli
1 Avenue of Palms (southern end of Administration Building)

The Winery S.F.
(415) 773-0178
Winery S.F. website

VIE Winery
Building 448, Clipper Cove Way south of Hangar 2
Vie Winery website

Kendric Vineyards
401 13th Street, Building 33
(415) 529-2695
Kendric Vineyards website



City View Storage
148 12th Street
(415) 399-0893
City View Storage website

Jade Studio Productions
Building 41 - California Avenue and Avenue F
(415) 977-0600
Jade Studio Productions website

World Headquarters, LLC

404 Clipper Cove Way
(415) 279-3423

Liquidyn, Inc.
One Avenue of Palms, Suite 405
600 California Avenue
(415) 441-4900

Heart 2 Heart/Smart Student
One Avenue of Palms, Suite 307
(415) 772-1978

HUSH Concerts
849 Avenue D
HUSH Concerts website

MiniLab Factory USA
751 13th Street
(888) 577-0428

David Gibson
One Avenue of Palms, Suite 110
David Gibson website

Tri-Cal Rentals
702 California Avenue
(415) 633-6827
Tri-Cal Rentals website

Cal Con Pumping LLC
One Avenue of Palms, Suite 411
(415) 401-9838

Island Park Self-Storage
850 Avenue H, Building 201
(415) 890-6484
Island Park Self-Storage website

Moto Guild
849 13th Street
(415) 624-3795
Moto Guild website

Island Creative Management
300 California Avenue
(415) 834-0641
Island Creative Management website

Lev's Probiotics
401 California Avenue
Lev's Probiotics website

Yerba Buena Beverage
401 California Avenue
(415) 935-7989
Yerba Buena Beverage website

Telbon Communications
One Avenue of Palms, Suite 220
Building 33E - 13th Street and Avenue E
(415) 355-1990
Telbon Communications website

Applied Engineering and Construction Management
Building 33 - 13th Street and Avenue E 

Machinery Planet
702 California Avenue
(415) 744-4187
Machinery Planet website 

Open Garden/Digitrad
751 13th Street
Open Garden website

Treasure Island Drive-Up Self Storage/Seateq
701 13th Street
(415) 654-5583
Treasure Island Drive-Up Self Storage website

401 13th Street, Building 33
(866) 936-5556
HOME on TI website

Ace Glass
751 13th Street, Building 264

Affordable Self Storage
750 Avenue E
(415) 213-4892
Affordable Self Storage website

Faultline Plumbing
849 13th Street