TI/YBI Development Project - Major Components

Housing and Urban Design:

The project will produce a new San Francisco neighborhood of up to 8,000 homes, including homes which will be offered at below-market rates, extensive open spaces, three hotels, restaurants, retail, and entertainment venues. The project’s design draws heavily upon the natural setting and features of the islands – sun, wind, views both of and from the Islands, shorelines, topography, soils, habitat, and vegetation – and features intentional contrasts that will add interest for all who live on or visit the Islands.

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The transportation network for the Islands is designed to prioritize pedestrians and cyclists and to encourage sustainable transit-oriented choices as part of everyday life. Transportation demand management programs will be put in place such as the country’s first congestion pricing program, and mandatory household transit passes, parking policies and ramp metering will maximize transit use.

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Parks and Open Space:

Key to the project is an exceptional park system with a diverse array of urban public spaces that are integrated with new neighborhood development and provide a connection with the ecological and experiential qualities of the Bay. Over 300 acres total between both Islands will be devoted to parklands, wetlands, recreational sites, trails, and native habitat.

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Yerba Buena Island Habitat Management Plan:

The Habitat Management Plan (HMP) establishes the framework for long-term restoration, enhancement and protection of the natural areas on Yerba Buena Island. The HMP principles guide TIDA’s operations, care and maintenance of YBI natural areas with an emphasis on managing for biodiversity.

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Treasure Island Arts Master Plan:

The Treasure Island Arts Master Plan will be funded by 1% of the construction costs of the island’s redevelopment and will be used exclusively to enhance and activate the public realm with artworks and art programming on both Treasure and Yerba Buena Islands.

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