TICD Phase 1 Construction - Yerba Buena Island Impacts


Image of map of YBI with re-opened Macalla Road

ALERT: Yerba Buena Island Macalla Road Re-Opened/Forest Road Detour Road Closed as of Thursday March 19, 2020

View full information on Macalla Road Re-Opening.

View information about development-construction traffic circulation changes in effect on Treasure Island

YBI Streets and Traffic Circulation Impacts:

  • New stop signs on Treasure Island Road in both the inbound and outbound direction at the Macalla Road intersection. View diagram of new stop sign location. 
  • Intersection of Macalla Road and Treasure Island Road is a three-way controlled stop for all vehicles and bicycles travelling along Treasure Island Road, and for all vehicles turning into or off of Macalla Road.
  • Vehicles exiting the I-80 Freeway West Bound ramp now turn right onto Macalla Road for Treasure Island destinations. View diagram of traffic circulation. 
  • Vehicles exiting the I-80 Freeway West Bound ramp now turn left to access Northgate Road and Coast Guard facilities.
  • Former Forest Road detour road is closed to public traffic.
  • Vehicles traveling from Treasure Island to San Francisco can access the new I-80 West Bound ramp via Macalla Road or on the historic access I-80 West Bound Ramp via Treasure Island Road
  • Route for all vehicles to East Bay from Treasure Island via Hillcrest Road remains unchanged. 
  • No regular impact to the Bay Bridge YBI on-ramps and off-ramps.
  • All other currently open YBI streets will remain open.
  • Quarters 10 Park and Clipper Cove Beach remain open to the public during daylight hours.  There is no on-site parking on YBI at Q-10 Park/Clipper Cove Beach, please use the public parking at the Administration Building on Treasure Island.

For Ongoing Motorist and Cyclist Awareness:

  • Motorists and cyclists should expect increase in two-way traffic and heavy equipment construction traffic along Treasure Island Road, Macalla Road and along Hillcrest Road.
  • Motorists should expect construction vehicles entering and exiting the roadway at the Treasure Island Road and Macalla Road intersection.
  • Cyclists and vehicles will share the road through the impacted areas along Hillcrest Road and Treasure Island Road.
  • No impact to the Treasure Island Road/Hillcrest Road connection between Treasure Island and the Bay Bridge pedestrian/bicycle path trailhead and YBI Vista Point.
  • No regular impact to the MUNI-25 Treasure Island bus route.

Please drive safely on-Island at all times.  Motorists and cyclists are reminded to Share the Road in the impacted areas!