TICD Issues RFP for Initial Treasure Island Abatement and Demolition

Treasure Island Community Development LLC (TICD) has issued an RFP for Abatement and Demolition Work on Treasure Island and seeks proposals from qualified respondents.  Project scope of work includes obtaining demolition permits, hazardous materials abatement and remediation, demolition, recycling, and disposal of the above- and below-grade portions of existing buildings and surrounding roadways, streetscape,landscaping, etc. identified within the project boundary limits. 

Development Project contracting is administered by both TIDA and TICD.  Contracts for physical construction and physical improvements (including abatement, demolition, construction, street installation and utility system installations) are managed and issued by TICD.  These contracts are private contracts and TICD's solicitation and contracting obligations are defined by the Project's Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Procedures.

View the Small Business Enterprise Procedures for Treasure Island/Yerba Buena Island - adopted January 8, 2015 (PDF)

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