Citizen's Advisory Board - June 28, 2016 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
June 28, 2016 - 6:00pm

Treasure Island /Yerba Buena Island

Citizens Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, June 28, 2016



  1. Roll Call

David Bogdanoff, George Brown, Mark Connors, Joanne Desmond, Heather Gallagher, Jorge Garcia, Chrysanthe Gussis, Liz Hirschhorn, Becky Hogue, Karen Knowles-Pearce, Tim Molinare, Atta Pilram


  1. Approval of April 5, 2016 CAB Minutes

One correction: Tim Molinare was not present, so some updates will be made. Otherwise the minutes were approved.


  1. TIDA Staff Updates
  • The concept of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts possibly being located on the island has been getting a lot of coverage. We are at the very preliminary conversation stage. The museum team is trying to conceptualize a design that would be fitting on the island. Looking at western waterfront where hotel and cultural park would otherwise be.  If the project moved forward the chapel would be relocated. In the EIR, the cultural park was considered as a possible home for a museum. The site is smaller than the site that was pursued in Chicago, so the museum team will need to develop a design and layout tailored to the TI site.

Question: Why didn’t it work in Chicago? Can’t speak to all of the issues. When the Presidio pursuit failed, TI was not considered as an alternate site because the development project was not prepared to move forward.

Suggestion: Is there a way to require access to it by Ferry? That is being considered as part of the ‘arrival experience.’

  • Construction: Last week demolition of actual structures began. In July, fences should be going up around the barracks and the abatement process starting.
  • Affordable Housing will be discussed tonight.
  • Budget for upcoming fiscal year was approved at the BOD.
  • Pursuing an affordable housing grant
  • Next land transfer should close around the end of July.

Navy Environmental Program

  • Site 12 the Housing Area - Contractor work continues on the non-critical areas of Westside/Bayside/Northpoint - Routine surveys performed as required.
  • Time Critical Removal Area - Buildings 1104,1106, 1311,1313 and 1325 work continues to be done to prepare the buildings for demolition.
  • Site 6 Excavation and confirmation sampling continues
  • Site 30 & 31supplemental field work sampling of excavation in the areas
  • Site 12 there is another building that will be torn down, so people will have to be relocated. This is the first TIDHI building to be relocated as a result of the Navy’s work.
  • That Navy will be doing another bus tour in November.


  1. TIMMA Tolling Policy Recommendations
  • Rachael Hyatt with SFCTA/TIMMA presented findings and recommendations from transportation analysis and toll policy analysis.
  • See presentation for full details.
  • TIMMA designated by BOD in 2014.
  • From the 2011 plan, transportation goals include reducing traffic on the Bay Bridge by 50%, providing better transit off and on island, paying for operating new services, and supporting affordable living.
  • Goals on timing for various transit options at build-out were discussed.
  • Revenue from tolls, etc. would be funneled back into the island to pay for the new transit services.
  • Affordability Program recommendations include: a cafeteria-style plan with a number of combined benefits in it. Such as: toll credit for frequent transit users, transit fare discounts, car & bike share membership discounts, subsidized grocery delivery services
  • Idea that long-term residents would receive free daily toll for the early years

Question: Is this residents or households? Households would be offered the benefit, not each resident.

  • Recommend that all drivers, be they residents or non-residents, pay the toll on and off the island during peak periods.

Question: What about non-peak period? Those hours and toll levels are not being specified at this time.

  • Discounts for longtime residents (pre-DDA households, lived on island before 2011), frequent transit users (low income), drivers who already paid at the Bay Bridge plaza. No double charging people.
  • Exempt: Transit vehicles, and vehicles with capacity of 8 or more (i.e. vanpools), pedestrians, and bicyclists.
  • Not making recommendations at this time on but need to be solved by 2019: toll costs, peak period or congestion timing.
  • Costs and funding charts showing sources of both. Some next steps are to explore diversifying revenue away from just tolls, also exploring local sales tax, vehicle license fees.
    • Assumptions
      • 25,000 residents
      • 73,000 vehicle trips a day anticipated
      • 55,000 off an on total over the course of an average day
      • 1/3 happening during am and pm peak periods with congestion pricing

Question: Can we get some insight into the traffic modeling assumptions and calculations?

Timeframe: Start operation of services in 2019

Question: Will the TIMMA meetings be on SFTV? Yes.

Question: Are you using existing tolls as a ceiling for toll costs?

  • The CAB is being asked if we can support these recommendations. Yes, there is unanimous support from the CAB today for these.


  1. Waterfront Plaza Restrooms Concept Design
    • Julian brought architect, Amy Elliot to present and Blake Sanborn, landscape architect.
    • See presentation for full details
    • This was an exciting discussion previously, and it is continuing now.
    • There was a lot of concern about design and location, as previous placement and structure felt too prominent.
    • New location is on the south side of the ferry terminal.
    • Taken out of the ‘balanced’ composition of the ferry building plaza.
    • SF Arts Commission said “treat it as sculptural element.” Now designed to be abstract.
    • Divided into two segments to break up the solid boxy front from the previous design.
    • Have addressed the need for more ‘fixtures’ in the female restroom. Added an all-gender or family restroom.

Question: Could you talk to us about the ‘security gate’? Yes, subject of many active discussions. The restroom will be open at least during Ferry service hours of operation. Needs to be safe. Lots of illumination between the sections. If the facilities would be locked, then why a gate? To keep people from lurking or sleeping there. The gates and whether they are needed is still being evaluated.

  • Note – the landscape nearby is not overly manicured; this is intended to become progressively more rugged as it gets closer to YBI.

Question: What about how this meshes with the bike traffic and pedestrian traffic? This is at the edge of the ‘dismount and walk zone.’ Also the bicyclists will be on the east side of the street mostly.

Question: When a huge ferry of people arrives, where would the queue form? It would be to the north side of the restrooms onto the ferry terminal plaza.

Comment: Please be generous with drinking fountains, with tourists, bicyclists, and ferry riders and all our refillable bottles.

Comment: For the most part, we really like the changes.


  1. Affordable Housing Update
    • Bob Beck presenting. See presentation for full details.
    • In 2011, the State abolished redevelopment, which reduced the affordable housing program from 30% to 25%.
    • Conversations have been continuing with TIDA and TIDHI to see what else could be done to get that number back up.
    • Coming to conclusions that pursuing the 2,400 units or 30%, would have too great of an opportunity costs and the pace of developing affordable housing would be too slow.
    • If the City can commit additional revenues, it is recommended that it be applied to close to gap to construct as quickly as possible.
    • May be able to shift the parcel capacity to serve more units, which could allow us to ‘land bank’ some of the parcels, which may provide flexibility for future affordable development, or possibly commercial purposes but that would have to go through it’s own rezoning process. 
    • Next step is this will go to TIDA Board in July.
    • Working with the City to see if a pledge can be secured to direct the MVLF and/or 8% tax increment.
    • Question: What does it mean to go from 24 parcels to 20 parcels? Will the units be smaller? No. When the parcels were initially identified, a specific program was not developed for each site.  Now that we have done that, we find that we can build the number and type/size of units that were originally anticipated on fewer parcels than were committed to that purpose.  This is now being examined as part of a detailed analysis, including parcel shapes, etc.

Question: What happens if we cannot close the funding gap? Ultimately, the City will be able to find the funds to develop the parcels, but we want to be able to do that in a time frame that doesn’t extend unreasonably far into the future.

Question: The cost of building has gone up 50%, since when and where are increase cost increases factored in? Over the past 5 years.The assumption of increased costs are baked in to the models, with further out development expected to cost more.


  1. Future Agenda Items
  • When is the Marina coming back for discussion? Probably in the Fall.
  • Model for transportation assumptions?
  • Job Corps news?


  1. Announcements from Board members



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