Citizen's Advisory Board - February 2, 2021 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
February 2, 2021 - 6:00pm

Treasure Island/Yerba Buena Island
Citizens Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 2, 2021
6:00-8:00 PM
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I.                 Roll Call
Natalie Bonnewit, Nathan Brennan, Mark Connors, Heather Gallagher, Crysanthe Gussis, Liz
Hirschhorn, Barklee Sanders, Jesse Tepper, Hope Williams, Jim Hancock, Tim Molinare
II.               Public Comment

There was no public comment.

III.              Approval of the January 5, 2021 Minutes

Minutes were approved.

IV.              TIDA Staff Updates

Bob Beck provided a report on TI development and operations issues.
One Treasure Island is celebrating Black History Month with a virtual event: 28 Days of Black
Heroes. There is free COVID testing on Treasure Island that will continue through mid-March.
There were no unplanned electrical outages in January.
Planned outage this weekend to begin the process of bringing new electrical equipment online.
Treasure Island museum is developing an exhibit on sea level rise.
No Wake signage to be installed along Clipper Cove.

Nathan Brennan provided a report on the environmental cleanup.
Site 12: The contractor has completed cleanup, restoration and demobilization for Northpoint Drive,
Halyburton Court and Site 32.
Westside Drive Area: The Navy has a contract for the Westside Solids Waste Disposal Area, SWDA.
Gilbane, the contractor, has begun work. First the concrete foundation debris was scanned and
removed from the housing area, loaded and trucked to a recycler.  Now in preparation for field
work, weeds and
eing removed. The work plan includes petroleum contaminated soil removal, clean backfill
eing r
and site leveling.

Ground Water and Soil Gas Monitoring Wells were tested in December. Quarterly Testing is necessary
for some sites to ensure cleanup is meeting required goals.
Emerging Contaminants: The Navy is testing for PFAS base wide and will produce a Preliminary PFAS

Hope Williams  commented that the COVID testing is not appointment based and residents can walk in
for testing. Ms. Williams asked about Black History Month event and what community partners are
supporting the collaboration.

V.                Members Self Introductions

Members of the TI/YBI Citizen Advisory Board made brief comments introducing themselves.

VI.              Building Mixed-Income Communities

Laura Shipman, One Treasure Island, introduced the item. One Treasure Island engaged National   
Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities (NMIC) to build on their ongoing effort for a thriving,
inclusive mixed-income community.
Mark Joseph and Debbie Wilber, NMIC, provided a briefing on Retail and Community Facilities Mixed-
Income Inclusion Reports.
Key elements of inclusive strategies were reviewed. Proposed action steps include to clarify roles
responsibilities for lead entities, establish explicit vision and principles for life on the
island, identify lead organizational partners to steward and model the inclusive operating culture,
identify local champions and develop task force(s), learn from other leaders doing this work,
consider engaging a cutting-edge retail space innovator, and initiate early pilots of strategies.

Mark Connors commented on projects for people with mental illness.
Hope Williams  thanked the presenters and commented on the lack of residents in task force
conversation. Barklee Sanders commented that because this community is being redeveloped the
current residents and power outage situation are being put on hold and these residents should be
prioritized for reliable power.

Carisa Harris, Treasure Island Sailing Center, commented on sailing classes and asked how to be a
part of the conversation and be a partner in this program.
ed how to receive a copy of the memo and asked for panelists to
elaborate on metrics for signaling inclusion and ensuring accessibility.

VII.             Community Facilities Needs Assessment Update

Lauren Schmitt, MIG, presented the 2021 update of the 2011 Community Facilities Needs Assessment.
2021 additions include technology access, services for people with disabilities and/or special
needs, resilience, culture, and food access and security.
Next steps include to evaluate whether land use changes are needed, finalize site selection, create
public and private financing strategy, determine phasing and timeline, advance facilities through
Authority and Master Developer implantation, further define the urban farm concept, recreation
fields concept, and Community Recreation Center and Aquatic Center.

Heather Gallagher commented on co-creation and participation as key to community development. It is
important to have places for public to gather and do late night things.
Jim Hancock asked about sports fields and recreation areas and commented on environmental education
Barklee Sanders asked about community engagement.
Hope Williams comm                                                                                  
  disconnection from current
Hope Williams  comm

Byron Kaufman commented that the sea wall is eroding and sinking and asked if there has been a
needs assessment.
Hunter Cutting commented that the Community Needs Assessment did not cover Sailing Center and other
facilities and asked that these facilities be included. Mr. Cutting commented the diagrams show the
old Marina proposal.

The meeting was adjourned and following items are continued to next meeting.
VIII.           Discussion of CAB Priorities

IX.              Future Agenda Items Discussion

X.                Comments from Board Members

XI.              Adjourn