Treasure/Yerba Buena Islands Development Project Contracting Opportunities

With Treasure Island Community Development (TICD)

Contracts for physical construction and improvements (including: abatement, demolition, construction, street installation and utility system installations) are managed and issued by Treasure Island Community Development (TICD).  These contracts are private contracts, and TICD's solicitation and contracting obligations are defined by the Project's Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Procedures.

With the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA)

Development Project contracting opportunities available through TIDA are generally limited to Professional Service Contracting, and TIDA's solicitation and contracting obligations are defined by the City and County of San Francisco's contracting requirements, includind adherence to San Francisco Administrative Code Section 14.B (Local Business Enterprise obligations) and Administrative Code Section 12.B (Equal Benefits obligations).  The San Francisco Office of Contract Administration supports the procurement needs of CIty departments, including TIDA, and maintains a database of current Citywide bidding opportunitis, including those issued by TIDA and by TICD.