Recreational Boating and Clipper Cove

NOTE: Revised Clipper Cove Rules and Regulations are in effect as of October 1, 2019

View full information on the revisions approved at the September 11, 2019 TIDA Board of Directors Meeting

View and download the Clipper Cove Special Use Area Rules and Regulations version 10/1/2019

Treasure Isle Marina

Treasure Isle Marina offers monthly slip rentals, short term Guest Docking and Day-Use priviledges for recreational boaters.  Amenities include showers, restrooms and pump-out facilities.  Non-slipholding recreational boaters should contact Marina staff directly regarding Guest Dock availability and Day-Use fee is required.  

1 Clipper Cove Way (at Treasure Island Road)
(415) 981-2416
View the Treasure Isle Marina website

Anchoring in Clipper Cove

Recreational vessels may anchor in Clipper Cove.  Any vessel planning to anchor in the Cove for longer than 24 hours (including vessels intending to come in-and-out over the course of several days) must obtain a no-cost Anchorage Permit, issued by TIDA.  Anchoring in Clipper Cove or possession of an Anchorage Permit does not allow boaters access to Treasure Isle Marina facilities.  Anchored vessel owner/operators should contact Marina staff directly to discuss the Marina's day-use policies and associated fees.  

Vessels anchored for an afternoon or single overnight of less than 24 hours are not required to possess a Clipper Cove Anchorage Permit.

There are two levels of Anchorage Permits available based on intended length-of-stay. 

Short-Term Permit- Anchorages of up to 96 hours

1. Submit the following information to TIDA (click here for online submission) or by voicemail at 415-274-0382:

  • Vessel name & CF (or USCG Doc.) number
  • Vessel owner/operator name and on-board contact phone #
  • Vessel type (i.e. sailboat, cabin cruiser, catamaran)
  • Dates of Clipper Cove entry and exit

2. After submitting all required information in the manner specified above, the Short-Term Permit is considered issued unless vessel owner/operator is subsequently contacted by TIDA or the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD).


Long-Term Permit - Anchorages of between 5 and 10 days

1. Complete the one-page Long-Term Anchorage Permit Application at the Treasure Island Development Authority office during regular weekday business hours. 

2. Upon TIDA review and approval of the completed Application, vessel owner/operator is issued a hard-copy Long-Term Anchorage Permit.  This Long-Term Anchorage Permit must be kept on-board the vessel at all times and must be furnished when requested by TIDA, TI Marina staff or the SFPD. 


Important Information about Clipper Cove Anchorage Permits:

  • Anchorage Permits are issued at no-cost to recreational boaters.
  • Anchorage Permits do not allow the bearer privileges for the TI Marina Guest Dock or TI Marina Day Use.  Anchorage Permit holders must make all such additional arrangements directly with TI Marina.
  • Violation of San Francisco Police Code Section 1.1 and/or of the Clipper Cove Special Use Area Rules and Regulations is considered grounds for revocation of a Short-Term or a Long-Term Anchorage Permit.  Violators may be subject to issuance of a Notice of Violation, issuance of an Administrative Citation or removal of vessel from Clipper Cove.
  • Back-to-back Anchorage Permits will not be issued to vessels or vessel owner/operators (Long-Term, Short-Term, nor any combination thereof).  Once an Anchorage Permit is issued, the vessel and vessel owner/operator are not eligibile for a subsequent Anchorage Permit for 21 days after the expiration date of the current Anchorage Permit.
  • Commercial vessels are not eligible for Short-Term or Long-Term Anchorage Permits. Commercial operations and anchorage by commercial vessels in Clipper Cove without prior TIDA authorization are prohibited.
  • Vessels shall not anchor past expiration of an Anchorage Permit without explicit TIDA approval.  TIDA approval of Anchorage Permit extension is dependent on either a.) verifiable proof of threat to life safety or property safety created by movement of vessel at time of Anchorage Permit extension, or b.) imminent verifiable unsafe local weather conditions at time of Anchorage Permit expiration.  Requests for Anchorage Permit extension shall be submitted in writing to the TIDA Office, c/o the TIDA Director of Island Operations, prior to the Anchorage Permit expiration.

Click here to look-up Clipper Cove Administrative Citation status and pay Citation Fees.


Treasure Island Sailing Center

698 California Ave at Ave. M
View the TISC Website.

The Treasure Island Sailing Center, located along the southern shoreline of Treasure Island in the eastern end of Clipper Cove, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to improve the community and the sport of sailing by providing access, facilities, and sailing and water sports instruction to people of all ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, skill levels, and physical abilities, including adaptive sailing.

Emergency Contacts and Resources for Boaters:

If you witness an oil spill, chemical release or maritime security incident inside Clipper Cove, please report directly to:

The US Coast Guard National Response Center hotline: 800-424-8802

If you see an in-distress live stranded marine mammal (seal, sea lion, etc) on Clipper Cove Beach or in Clipper Cove, please report directly to:

The Marine Mammal Center: 415-289-SEAL (7325)

If you see a dead stranded marine mammal carcass on Yerba Buena Island or Clipper Cove Beach, please report directly to:

California Academy of Sciences Hotline: 415-379-5381

If your vessel is damaged or stranded and you require towing, battery jump, gas or other maritime assistance or towing:

TowBoatU.S. (formerly Vessel Assist): 877-422-9869 (24/7) - Costs and fees will apply