Treasure Island Development Authority Board of Directors Affirms TIDA’s Commitment to Biodiversity

May 2019 TIDA resolution reflects San Francisco's Citywide Biodiversity Vision

At it’s May 8, 2019 meeting the TIDA Board of Directors passed TIDA Resolution 19-13-05/08 affirming TIDA’s commitment to San Francisco's Citywide Biodiversity Vision and its commitment to connecting the Island community to the natural heritage of Yerba Buena Island, as well as reaffirming TIDA’s commitment to YBI Habitat Management Plan (HMP) implementation. View the May 8, 2019 meeting materials for this item at:

The Citywide Biodiversity Vision, contained in San Francisco Board of  Supervisors Resolution 107-18, was adopted unanimously by the Board of Supervisors on April 17, 2018.  It elevates biodiversity as a citywide priority and establishes a framework for City departments to convey commitment and inspire action for protecting and enhancing biodiversity.  Resolution 107-18 outlines the City’s Biodiversity Vision as follows:

“San Francisco is a place where our local biodiversity thrives in climate-resilient ecosystems that integrate healthy native wildlife and plant  habitats throughout our city's physical environment, connecting ALL San Franciscans to nature daily and inspiring
stewardship of our unique natural heritage in every neighborhood.”

TIDA’s efforts prioritizing biodiversity include ongoing YBI Habitat Management Plan implementation, the YBI Stewardship Program, and the LEJ Native Plant Nursery operation.  TIDA and SFE also foster regular biodiversity-focused collaboration with master
developer Treasure Island Community Development (TICD), TIDA’s master landscape contractor Rubicon Landscape Services, Life Learning Academy, Treasure Island Job Corps, and Island residents and stakeholders.

View more information on Yerba Buena Island Stewardship and the Habitat Management Plan

View and download TIDA Resolution 19-13-05/08 in PDF format

View and download San Francisco Board of Supervisors Resolution 107-18 on the Board of Supervisors website