TIDA and SF Arts Commission Announce Arts Master Plan Phase 1 Opportunities

TIDA and the San Francisco Arts Commission proudly announce the opening of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the first three large scale permanent public art commissions planned for a robust new art program on Treasure Island that may in total include as many as thirty permanent works and multiple temporary art projects in all media over the next two decades.  These Phase One commissions are a high profile and unparalleled opportunity for artists to create bold and imaginative large scale sculpture for prominent locations on Treasure Island and the adjacent Yerba Buena Island concurrent with the island-wide redevelopment. 

For full information on the Phase 1 Opportunities and RFQ process, visit the Arts Commission AMP Phase 1 webpage.

Arts Master Plan Phase 1 Opportunities:

The first works to be commissioned will become iconic symbols that establish the credibility and quality of the nascent and ambitious art program. The sculptures will serve as gateways, landmarks, focal points and will become new destinations on the island.

1. Building One Plaza, Treasure Island

One or more artworks are to be placed within the landscaped quadrants of the proposed Building One Plaza.  The artworks should acknowledge the importance of the landmark Building One while marking the transitional nature of the site through the use of contemporary materials and styles. The scale of the artwork should correspond to the scale of the building. A line of sight must be maintained from Building 1 to the Bay, and the original historic character-defining features of Building One and its landscape must be maintained.

Image of future Administration Building plaza design 

2. Waterfront Plaza, Treasure Island

This is a significant, high profile opportunity for a monumental sculpture or sculptural installation with multiple components that will be a beacon for the island to be located in the vicinity of Waterfront Plaza. This artwork will mark an important point of entry to the island, greeting residents and visitors upon their arrival. It should have an iconic presence and be grand and bold. It will be visible from the Bay and the San Francisco shoreline. This will be the first in a series of large scale sculptures to be installed over time along the shoreline of the adjacent waterfront linear park. Any artwork commissioned for this site must be of significant scale to command its Bay front location and should respond to the unique vantage points from which it will be viewed.

Image of future Treasure Island Waterfront Plaza design

3. Hilltop Park, Yerba Buena Island

The northern hilltop offers an excellent opportunity for a large-scale sculpture to function as a focal point for the built landscape. This work should be monumental in scale whether through its verticality or through a horizontal series of related sculptural installations. The artwork created for Hilltop Park should enhance the viewer’s experience of the natural setting.

Image of future YBI Hilltop Park

Treasure Island Arts Master Plan Overview:

The Treasure Island Arts Master Plan (AMP) sets forth the vision for public art, both temporary and permanent, under the Treasure Island Development Project.   The AMPs establsihes a curatorial framework and objectives and identifies sites for numerous art opportunities. New permanent artwork placed in key locations will ensure an ongoing cultural legacy for the island.  The AMP will guide the implementation of the Treasure Island Art Program, which is funded by a fee equal to one percent of the construction costs of the private buildings to be built as part of Treasure Island’s redevelopment.

Click here for full information on the Treasure Island Arts Master Plan