SFCTA Kicks Off Yerba Buena Island Southgate Road Realignment Project

Project will realign critical on-Island connections and reopen the second I-80 eastbound off-ramp to Yerba Buena Island

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) recently kicked-off construction of the Yerba Buena Island (YBI) Southgate Road Realignment Project on Yerba Buena Island.  The Project will realign YBI's Southgate Road, the critical local connection between the I-80 westbound and eastbound on- and off-ramps, and reconstruct and reopen the I-80 eastbound off-ramp to Yerba Buena Island.  The $63.7 million Project features an intricate design that will improve traveler safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians and enhance traffic circulation by:

  • Relocating and re-designing Southgate Road and interchange, separating vehicle traffic heading to westbound and eastbound I-80/Bay Bridge lanes; 
  • Continuing the dedicated bicycle and pedestrian path from the Yerba Buena Island Vista Point (at the western terminus of the Bay Bridge East Span Bike/Pedestrian path) to Treasure Island via Macalla Road;  
  • Reconstructing and reopening the I-80 eastbound off-ramp to Yerba Buena Island from I-80 with a design that optimizes traffic flow; and 
  • Ensuring that all truck turning movements are accommodated in the area.

“I applaud the work that the Transportation Authority is leading,” said V. Fei Tsen, President of the Treasure Island Development Authority Board of Directors. “I’m excited that Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island will continue to add infrastructure supporting sustainable development and more cycling and walking on the islands.”

“This innovative interchange design will support improved safety and movement for the thousands of residents and visitors of Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island now and in the coming years,” said Transportation Authority Board Member Matt Haney (District 6), who also serves as Chair of the Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency.

“The Transportation Authority is excited to reach this milestone,” said Tilly Chang, Executive Director of the Transportation Authority. “We thank our funding and implementation partners for helping us to find a design solution at this challenging site, and to gather the resources to build this project in time to support the coming first phases of development on the islands.”

Island motorists will observe work associated with the Southgate Road Realignment Project as they travel along Hillcrest Road towards the Bay Bridge YBI Eastbound On-Ramp.  This project is part of a larger effort to replace and retrofit key roads and on- and off-ramps that connect the I-80 (the highway on the Bay Bridge) and Yerba Buena Island.  Funding for the $63.7 million project comes from the Federal Highway Bridge Program and State Prop. 1B facilitated by Caltrans, with local matching funds provided by the Bay Area Toll Authority, and the Treasure Island Development Authority. 

TIDA is working jointly with the SFCTA on this effort, with these upgrades supporting the Treasure Island Transportation Program.  Project completion is scheduled for 2022.

View the SFCTA's Southgate Road Realignment Project Page.

Additional text provided by Eric Young, SFCTA.  Photos credit: Karwanna Dyson

Image of stakeholder goup at SFCTA Southgate Kickoff event

Image of Southgate Realignment Project improvements on Yerba Buena Island