YBI Bay Bridge Westbound Ramps Project

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA), in cooperation with the Treasure Island Development Authority, has hired a contractor to construct new on and off ramps connecting the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge to Yerba Buena Island (YBI) at Macalla Road. 

Mobilization for construction of the project commenced January of 2014.  Early project activities will be visible on the southern and eastern end of Yerba Buena Island over the coming months but will not affect access to the YBI residential units along Macalla Road, Forest Road or Yerba Buena Road.  Project images can be found below.  TIDA and the contractor will provide regular project updates on this webpage and through direct communication with YBI residents and stakeholders.

For further information please email any questions and inquiries about the project to: scottmi@pbworld.com

View the SFCTA YBI I-80 Interchange Improvement Project webpage

Read or download the August 2014 Project Information Sheet - Detour Paving (PDF)

Read or download the July 23, 2014 Project Information Sheet - Quarters 10 relocation site preparation (PDF)

Read or download the January 26, 2014 Project Information Sheet