Treasure Island Business Directory

Treasure Island Business Directory:

Schools, Sports and Recreation, Community-Serving:

Life Learning Academy
651 8th Street
(415) 397-8957
Life Learning Academy website

Treasure Island Gymnasium
Building 402, Avenue M and 9th Street
(415) 765-9037

San Francisco Golden Gate Youth Rugby clubhouse and pitch
725 California Avenue
San Francisco Golden Gate Youth Rugby website

San Francisco Little Leauge fields
Tepper Field; Ketchum Field
San Francisco Little League website

Treasure Island Yacht Club
300 Clipper Cove Way
(415) 434-4475
Treasure Island Yacht Club website

A Tran's Bay Bike Shop
One Avenue of Palms, Suite 021
(415) 678-5323
Tran's Bay Bike Shop website 

SFFD Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (SF NERT)  Treasure/Yerba Buena Islands team
Email TI/YBI NERT team
SF NERT website

SF Dept. of Public Health Treasure Island Community Nurse Clinic
Every Tuesday from 4P to 7 P at Treausre Island Gym
Click here for more information

Treasure Island Job Corps Center
351 Avenue H
(415) 277-2400
Treasure Island Job Corps website

Treasure Island Child Development Center
Building 502, Avenue D and 11th Street
(415) 834-0602
Treasure Island Child Development Center website

Treasure Island Sailing Center
698 California Avenue, #112
(415) 421-2225
Treasure Island Sailing Center website

San Francisco Gaelic Athletic Association clubhouse and grounds
Avenue H and 13th Street
(415) 398 - 2092
San Francisco Gaelic Athletic Association website

Treasure Isle Marina
1 Clipper Cove Way
(415) 981-2416
Treasure Isle Marina website

Treasure Island Community - Neighborhood Organization
Email TI Community



Food and Beverage, Wineries, Special Events:

Treasure Island Job Corps Fine Dining Room
TI JCC Campus - 575 Avenue D
(415) 277-2400

Mersea Restaurant
699 Avenue of the Palms
(415) 851-8118
Visit the Mersea Restaurant website

Treasure Island Wines
800 Avenue H
(415) FYI-WINE (394-9463)
Visit Treasure Island Wines website

Mateo's Bay Area Hot Dogs
Clipper Cove Way at Avenue D

Sottomarino Winery
400 California Avenue, Suite 2
Sottomarino Winery website

Sol Rouge Winery
Building 141, Avenue F east of Hangar 2
Sol Rouge website

Woods Island Club
422 Clipper Cove Way

Woods Island Club website

Aracely Cafe
401 13th Street
(415) 985-7117
Visit Aracely Cafe website

Island Cove Market
850 Avenue H
(415) 391-2299

Treasure Island Market Deli
1 Avenue of Palms (southern end of Administration Building)

The Winery S.F.
(415) 773-0178
Winery S.F. website

VIE Winery
Building 448, Clipper Cove Way south of Hangar 2
Vie Winery website

Kendric Vineyards
401 13th Street, Building 33
(415) 529-2695
Kendric Vineyards website


Commercial Tenants:

City View Storage
148 12th Street
(415) 399-0893
City View Storage website

Jade Studio Productions
Building 41 - California Avenue and Avenue F
(415) 977-0600
Jade Studio Productions website

World Headquarters, LLC

404 Clipper Cove Way
(415) 279-3423

Liquidyn, Inc.
One Avenue of Palms, Suite 405
600 California Avenue
(415) 441-4900

Heart 2 Heart/Smart Student
One Avenue of Palms, Suite 307
(415) 772-1978

HUSH Concerts
849 Avenue D
HUSH Concerts website

MiniLab Factory USA
751 13th Street
(888) 577-0428

David Gibson
One Avenue of Palms, Suite 110
David Gibson website

Tri-Cal Rentals
702 California Avenue
(415) 633-6827
Tri-Cal Rentals website

Cal Con Pumping LLC
One Avenue of Palms, Suite 411
(415) 401-9838

Island Park Self-Storage
850 Avenue H, Building 201
(415) 890-6484
Island Park Self-Storage website

Moto Guild
849 13th Street
(415) 624-3795
Moto Guild website

Island Creative Management
300 California Avenue
(415) 834-0641
Island Creative Management website

Lev's Probiotics
401 California Avenue
Lev's Probiotics website

Yerba Buena Beverage
401 California Avenue
(415) 935-7989
Yerba Buena Beverage website

Telbon Communications
One Avenue of Palms, Suite 220
Building 33E - 13th Street and Avenue E
(415) 355-1990
Telbon Communications website

Applied Engineering and Construction Management
Building 33 - 13th Street and Avenue E 

Machinery Planet
702 California Avenue
(415) 744-4187
Machinery Planet website 

Open Garden/Digitrad
751 13th Street
Open Garden website

Treasure Island Drive-Up Self Storage/Seateq
701 13th Street
(415) 654-5583
Treasure Island Drive-Up Self Storage website

401 13th Street, Building 33
(866) 936-5556
HOME on TI website

Ace Glass
751 13th Street, Building 264

Affordable Self Storage
750 Avenue E
(415) 213-4892
Affordable Self Storage website

Faultline Plumbing
849 13th Street