Zero Waste Resources for Island Residents

Recology Residential Service:

View and download May 2017 letter to Treasure Island residents regarding upcoming Recology service adjustments (PDF)

All households on Treasure Island have Recology trash and recycling collection service on a weekly basis, as well as access to common area Compost Bins under a pilot program.  In San Francisco, including Treasure Island, most waste generated can be composed or recycled,, and thus kept out of the landfill; but there are still some materials that are difficult to recycle or compost and for now, must be landfilled.   The below links provide additional education and resources to help you know which items go in which Recology bin: black-trash, blue-recycle, and green-compost.

On-Island Resources:

  • SFPUC Greasecycle Station at Island Cove Market - 800 Avenue H

Used cooking oil and grease should not be dumped down the sink or street drains!  It can damage the Island sewer system and possibly end up in San Francisco Bay!  Instead, collect your used oil and grease in a clear unbreakable container and place inside green Greasecycle bin just outside the Island Cove Market front door.  View the SF PUC Greasecycle Program website

  • Used Household Battery Collection at Island Cove Market - 800 Avenue H

Dispose of AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, laptop batteries, camera batteries, etc. with Island Cove Market staff OR, place in a clear ziplock bag and tape to the TOP OF THE BLACK BIN on Recology collection day.  DO NOT put batteries INSIDE any of your Recology bins.  Always tape over Lithium (Li) or Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery contact points, or dispose of Li & Li-ion batteries in original packaging.  View the SF Environment Household Battery Disposal Program website

Additional Resources for Proper Disposal of Unique Items:

  • Safe Disposal of Unused or Expired Medicine:

Unused and expired medicine is a threat to both public health and the environment.  Don’t flush medicines down the toilet or sink.  Don’t put them in the trash.  Don't keep unused medicines lying around.  There is not a Safe Disposal location on-Island.  Visit the SF Environment Medicine Disposal Program website or call 415-355-3700 for a list of disposal locations.

  • Remember the "3 Ps":

The list is long (and growing) of items that should NEVER be flushed down the toilet on-Island, but instead put in the appropriate Recology black, blue or green bins.  Protect the environment and help us keep the Island's sewer infrastructure flowing by keeping your toilet a "human-waste-and-toilet-paper-only-zone".  View a list of items that should NEVER be flushed down the toilet

  • Household Hazardous Waste Disposal:

Do not throw household hazardous waste (HHW) including florescent bulbs, paint, used motor oil, pesticides, cleaning chemicals into your Recology black bin or leave on the curb.  Arrange for proper free disposal through Recology.

More Miscellaneous Zero Waste Resources: