TICD Phase 1 Construction - On-Island Transportation and Circulation Impacts

Most Recent Construction Advisories:

1.) Clipper Cove Way Detour Opening and Treasure Island Causeway Traffic Realignment - opened April 19, 2019

Click here to read more about the Clipper Cove Way Detour Opening and TI Causeway Traffic Realignment.

2.) TICD 9th Street Soil Haul Route activated week of 3/4/19

Click here to view TICD Construction Advisory for the Soil Haul Route Activation.

This page contains information about on-Island detours, street closures, and impacts to traffic circulation and public transportation that are on-going during TICD Development Construction activities.  This page is updated regularly as TICD on-Island construction activities progresss. 

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Yerba Buena Island streets, detours and traffic circulation information

Treasure Island streets, detours and traffic circulation information

SFMTA MUNI-25 bus route and stop changes and information

On-Island local business relocations

Treasure Island visitor/public parking and tour/charter bus parking and circulation information

Yerba Buena Island street closures, detours and traffic circulation changes:

Image of map of current road closures and detour roads on Yerba Buena Island

As of August, 2018 TICD has opened a new Forest Road Detour road on Yerba Buena Island to carry motorists from the Bay Bridge Westbound off-ramp to Hillcrest Road.  From Hillcrest Road, motorists will continue along Treasure Island Road to reach Treasure Island.  At the same time, TICD has closed Macalla Road.  Forest Road Detour road will remain in use over the next 18 to 24 months during the widening and reconstruction of Macalla Road.  The Island community can expect the following impacts and changes: 

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YBI Streets and Traffic Circulation:

  • Forest Road Detour road carries two-way traffic between Northgate Road and Hillcrest Road providing access to/from the new Westbound On/Off Ramps and United States Coast Guard.
  • Macalla Road is closed to all vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist traffic between Northgate Road and Treasure Island Road.
  • From Treasure Island, motorists wishing to reach the new Westbound On-Ramp east of the Bay Bridge tunnel, or other destinations on YBI, will need to take this Forest Road Detour road over the top of YBI to Northgate Road.
  • No regular impact to the Bay Bridge YBI on-ramps and off-ramps.
  • All other currently open YBI streets will remain open.

For Ongoing Motorist and Cyclist Awareness:

  • Motorists and cyclists should expect increase in two-way traffic along Hillcrest Road.
  • Motorists should expect additional traffic control and road work along Forest Road Detour road for the next several months after the initial August 20th opening. 
  • There are no bicycles or pedestrians allowed on the new Forest Road Detour road.
  • There is no impact to the bicycle route between Treasure Island and the Bay Bridge pedestrian/bicycle path trailhead or the YBI Vista Point.
  • Cyclists and vehicles will share the road through the impacted areas on Hillcrest Road and Treasure Island Road.
  • No regular impact to the MUNI-25 Treasure Island bus route.

Please drive safely on-Island at all times.  Motorists and cyclists are reminded to Share the Road in the impacted areas!

Treasure Island street closures, detours and traffic circulation changes:

Image of Clipper Cove Way detour and traffic alignment

TICD construction activities along Treasure Island Road and around Treasure Island's southern and western waterfronts has closed on-Island streets and realigned traffic circulation.  Motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and MUNI-25 riders can expect the following:

Streets and Traffic Circulation:

  • Clipper Cove Way Detour open between Treasure Island Road and Avenue D
  • Avenue of Palms closed between Clipper Cove Way and 9th Street
  • California Avenue closed between Avenue of Palms and Avenue C
  • Treasure Island Causeway lane re-alignment between YBI Macalla Road and Clipper Cove Way
  • 9th Street lane re-alignment between Avenue B and Avenue H
  • All other Treasure Island Island streets remain open

Public Transportation:

For site safety considerations, the following MUNI - 25 Treasure Island stop closures and relocations around the construction area are in effect:

  • Treasure Island Front Gate inbound (IB) and outbound (OB) stops closed - ongoing
  • California Ave at Avenue C (IB and OB) stops now relocated one block east to California Avenue at Avenue D - ongoing
  • 9th Street at Avenue D (IB) stop closed - 12/21/2018 through 6/30/20

There are no impacts to the 25 route itself.  Visit SFMTA.com to sign up for MUNI Alerts and recieve real-time and scheduled route alerts on your mobile device.

Local Business Relocations:

Certain businesses that formerly operated around the Treasure Island Front Gate now occupy new on-Island locations.  Those businesses are:

  • Island Market Deli (previously at the Treasure Island Front Gate) - Now located on the southern exterior of the Administration Building (customer parking off Clipper Cove Way)
  • Mateo's Hot Dogs (previously on the western end of Treasure Island Road outside the Front Gate) - Now located at the corner of California Avenue and Avenue D
  • Tammy's Chicken In Waffles (previously at Avenue of Palms and California Avenue) - Now located on Avenue D between California Avenue and Clipper Cove Way)

Public Parking:

  • TI Administration Building east parking lot closed
  • TI Marina slipholders and Island Market Deli patron parking off the northern end of Clipper Cove Way east of Treasure Island Road
  • Treasure Island Administration Building tenant/visitor parking in the Administration Building main (west) parking Lot
  • TI Front Gate Parking/Viewing area closed - Visitors and tours now directed to Visitor Parking Area - 9th Street between Avenue B and Avenue of the Palms

Visitors, Tours Buses and Charter Tours:

With the closure of the Front Gate Parking/Viewing area and Treasure Island Road realignment, there is no longer available space for visitor parking and tour bus/charter parking, ilding, loading and unloading of passengers at the Front Gate area or along Avenue of Palms or Treasure Island Road. 

A new Visitor Parking Area south of 9th Street between Avenue B and Avenue of Palms (east of Mersea Restaurant) is now available for the safe loading and unloading of tour bus/charter passengers wishing to enjoy the view of San Francisco Bay.

Tour bus and sightseeing charter vehicle parking, loading, unloading or idling is prohibited at all times in the Treasure Island Residential Neighborhood north of 9th Street .

Construction Advisory Library:

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