Board of Directors - February 13, 2019 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
February 13, 2019 - 1:30pm




February 13, 2019 – 1:30PM


Room 400, City Hall

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place





1.         Call to Order 1:30pm



V. Fei Tsen, President

Mark Dunlop

Sharon Lai

Linda Fadeke Richardson

Paul Giusti

Jean-Paul Samaha

Supervisor Matt Haney


2.         General Public Comment

            There was no public comment.


3.         Report by Treasure Island Director

Robert Beck, Treasure Island Director, reported on development and operation issues on Treasure Island.

On 2/9 Treasure Island Museum held a presentation on Port Chicago in the Building One lobby.About 160 people attended, including Supervisor Matt Haney and TIDA Board Directors Fei Tsen, Mark Dunlop and Linda Fadeke Richardson. Island partners including One Treasure Island, The Winery SF, and Cross Media International helped with the event.

SF Public Library is featuring a Golden Gate International Exhibition Exhibit on the 6th Floor of the Main Library titled: “Illusion and the Magic City” features original souvenirs, photographs, and ephemera from the collections of the San Francisco History Center.

There have been three outages in January and February.

TIDA will shortly be submitting BCDC Application for “Signal” Bay Bridge Steel art work installation at Ave of Palms/9th Street, as approved by TIDA Board in December. 

As follow-up to their new plantings on the north side of Ship Shape, One Treasure Island and Rubicon are working with TIDA and SFE Environment on installation of native plants on the south side of Ship Shape, to serve as an additional YBI native plant demonstration garden for the community and to provide Rubicon Landscape valuable training opportunities on the installation and subsequent care and maintenance of the YBI natives installed at the site.

Treasure Fest resumes this month, February 23rd and 24th. Cash will no longer be accepted for security purposes. Discount admission is available online in advance of the event. The Festival will be organized into several mini markets with an expanded food program. 

The Treasure Island edition of SF DCYF’s Neighborhood Pop-Up Summer Resource Fairs will be held Saturday April 6th at Ship Shape. 

TICD has paved temporary improvements to Clipper Cove in anticipation of shifting traffic to the West Side of the Causeway and onto Clipper Cove down to Hanger 2.


Walt Bilofsky, Treasure Island Museum, commented on the successful Port Chicago event.


Director Richardson commented on the wonderful Port Chicago event and gave TIDA’s support.



Director Lai commented that Hunter Cutting’s letter to the TIDA Board was missing from communications.


  1. here was no public comment.



Supervisor Haney is hosting an Open House on 2/14, 4pm-6:30pm in Room 272 in City Hall. Supervisor Haney is also hosting a Town Hall on Treasure Island on 3/7 6:30pm-8:00pm at the Ship Shape.

Director Tsen requested an update on environmental remediation.


  1. Approving the Minutes of the December 12, 2018 Meeting
  2. Resolution Authorizing the Treasure Island Director to Exercise Options to Extend the Agreement between the Treasure Island Development Authority and Hawk Engineers for As-Needed Infrastructure Engineering Support Services for the Treasure Island/Yerba Buena Island Development Project


Director Richardson moved the consent agenda.

Director Giusti seconded the motion.

This item passed unanimously.


7.         Clipper Cove Siltation Study Presentation   

DJ Allison, AECOM, presented on the clipper cove sediment transport model and eelgrass assessment. Mr. Allison provided background on Clipper Cove. San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution stating that the marina development should not harm the existing eelgrass bed nor cause diminished water depths in the cove. AECOM studied if the marina project will change the sedimentation patterns in a way that diminishes water depth, and if the marina project will result in a negative effects to eelgrass beds. Mr. Allison reviewed historic sedimentation patterns, the sediment transport model, and the model results. Mr. Allison reviewed the current status, eelgrass in Clipper Cove (none has been detected in last three annual Caltrans surveys), potential effects to eelgrass and eelgrass habitat, and propeller wash analysis.

AECOM concluded that the marina project will not change sedimentation patterns in a way that diminishes water depth. Sediment transport modeling indicated no significant differences in sedimentation rates between the existing conditions and the proposed project conditions. Areas of sedimentation or erosion are not significantly different between the existing and proposed project conditions.

AECOM concluded that the marina project will not result in negative effects to eelgrass beds. Eelgrass habitat in Clipper Cove is very patchy and limited. Eelgrass is commonly not present in the cove, including 2015-2018. The proposed project will not cause sedimentation patterns to change in a way that would negatively effect potential eelgrass growth areas. Typical vessel motoring would not cause significant turbidity changes that would negatively effect eelgrass.


Director Richardson asked how significant impact to eelgrass is defined and about financial analysis.


Supervisor Haney asked about mitigating potential risk, and why five months was chosen for the study projections. Supervisor Haney asked who is responsible for mitigations over more time. Supervisor Haney asked if AECOM has done studies like this before. Answer: Yes.


Director Lai asked about how marina use and environmental changes may impact sedimentation.

Director Lai asked why the study is only being studied from a five month period with historical data and not as a projection.

Director Lai asked about the timing of the lease agreement.


Director Samaha asked how speed limits are regulated.


Hunter Cutting, Save Clipper Cove, commented that the presentation only looked at sedimentation and not dredging. Coalition is encouraged by study but still have issues including that data was not collected at Clipper Cove, the period studied was not long enough, and that projected sedimentation is not consistent with other marina projects.


Leeana Schroeder, Rubicon Landscaping, commented on the impact on sedimentation from the recent fires, rainfall, and subsequent erosion and asked if these factors were taken into consideration in the study.


Jay Wallace, TIE, commented on his appreciation for the study and confidence in it.


Adam Katz commented that he supports the new marina under the proposed footprint. Mr. Katz reviewed the siltation study and has serious reservations about the proposed channel and the study. Risks in the study include that data was not collected in Clipper Cove and that boats are assumed to be going idle speed. 



8.         Treasure Island Initial Subphase Parks Update

            Martin Wiggins, TIDG, provided an update on Treasure Island parks in Subphase 1. Subphase 1 covers 15.5 acres. Mr. Wiggins reviewed the designs, materials, furnishings and lighting, and plantings included in Subphase 1 parks. Waterfront Plaza covers 1.9 acres and includes a ferry shelter and bay garden. Building One Plaza covers 2.4 acres. Marina Plaza covers 1.5 acres. Cultural Park covers 2.9 acres. Cityside Waterfront Park covers 6.3 acres.


            Director Dunlop asked about permanent funding to keep the parks beautiful.


            Supervisor Haney asked about community engagement to learn what residents want and continued use of current open space.


            Natalie Bonnewit commented on opportunities for community engagement including the regular TI/YBI Citizens Advisory Board and the on-island Community Meetings.


9.         Subphase 3 Application Agency Review

            Bob Beck provided an update on the Subphase Application. TICD submitted Subphase Application on January 11th. Mayors Executive Directive target approval within 90 days, April 11th. Permit submittals begin Spring 2019. Target Street Improvement Permit and Final Subdivision Map approvals in Q1 2020.

47 total comments have been received from six agencies, a significant reduction from the initial subphase applications. Intersection design the focus of overlapping agency comments.

Revised Application document incorporating agency comments to be submitted in March.

Design Exceptions are requested where it is not possible to achieve design parameters established in the Subdivision Regulations.

Subphase Application does not require TIDA Board action.


Director Tsen commented on the importance of speedy approvals.    

Director Lai asked if PG&E bankruptcy affects review. Answer: No.

Director Samaha asked who the six agencies are that submitted comments.


There was no public comment.


10.       Early In-Lieu Update

            Bob Beck presented on Transition Housing Rules and Regulations Implementation and reviewed an early in-lieu option.

Early In-Lieu opportunity developed in response to public comment during the preparation of the THRR. THRR Section III.F.1.a describes Early In-Lieu provisions.

Mr. Beck reviewed how the in-lieu payment would be calculated. Amount varies based on household size and composition. Calculation based only on eligible Pre-DDA persons residing in the household. Values used in calculation are those from the San Francisco Rent Board’s Schedule for Relocation Payments for “No-Fault” evictions and are updated annually. Payment is capped at four Pre-DDA adults per household.

Mr. Beck reviewed the proposed timeframe and next steps. Propose to issue letters extending opportunity at the end of March and have opportunity available through February 2020. There will be information at a poster session before the April on-island meeting of the TIDA Board.


            Director Giusti asked if the entire household has to agree on payment.

            Director Richardson requested calendar of outreach. Answer: ARWS has been keeping a log of outreach.

            Director Dunlop asked how many pre-DDA households are on TI.


            There was no public comment.


11.       Discussion of Future Agenda Items by Directors

            Director Richardson requested Supervisor Haney’s assistance on housing discussion.

Director Lai commented that it would be helpful to community to have official TIDA response to Clipper Cove Resolution and requested a presentation on the budget.


12.       Adjourn 3:52


Relevant documents such as resolutions, staff summaries, leases, subleases are available at the Treasure Island Development Authority Office, One Avenue of the Palms, Second Floor, Treasure Island, and the Government Information Center at the Main Library, 100 Larkin Street.  Public comment is taken on each item on the agenda.


If any materials related to an item on this agenda have been distributed to the TIDA Board of Directors after distribution of the agenda packet, those materials are available for public inspection at Treasure Island Development Authority, Building One, 2nd Floor, One  Ave. of Palms, San Francisco, CA 94130 during normal office hours.

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