Citizen's Advisory Board - March 3, 2015 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
March 3, 2015 - 6:00pm
Room 421

Treasure Island /Yerba Buena Island

Citizens Advisory Board

Draft Minutes

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

San Francisco City Hall, Rm 421

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco, CA 94102



I. Roll Call

Natalie Bonnewit, Nathan Brennan, George Brown, Mark Connors, Joanne Desmond, Heather Gallagher, Jorge Garcia, Liz Hirschhorn, Becky Hogue, Karen Knowles-Pearce, Tim Molinare, Kathrin Moore, Atta Pilram


II. Approval of February 3, 2015 CAB Minutes

The minutes were approved.


III. TIDA Staff Updates


  1. Treasure Island Development Authority Board

Approved the Streetscape Master Plan

Next week, light agenda – update of Financing Plan and overview of the Major Phase Application.

April meeting will be on island at Casa de la Vista


  1. Legislative

Nothing to report.


  1. Development Schedule

Major Phase Application submitted last Friday.

Updates of the utility master plans have been made to advance the engineering portions. The initial closing has been delayed as some legal descriptions have had to be updated and title policy and exceptions drafted and refined. The transfer will close in early April.


  1. Navy Environmental Program

From Nathan: Demo of two more vacant buildings is beginning this week in the Solid Waste Disposal Areas. The Navy is also planning for a project that will include cleaning up a lot of small areas on the west side of site 12, including a cleanup that will prevent an anaerobic situation at an arsenic location. The Navy is also doing radiological surveys of a former salvage yard and classrooms with in the dry cleaning (Site 24) and a few other locations based on historical program records to verify that no materials were left behind.


Discussion: When are we going to get a visit about the marina work for land and water? At the May CAB we’ll have TICD & TIE make a joint presentation.  There was continued discussion about the amount of parking. Two parking structures are planned for the Island Center neighborhood to supplement on-street parking. The on-street parking near the Marina will have short durations and is intended to function primarily as drop-off locations for the Marina, and long-term parking will be in the parking structures on the north side of California Avenue.  Parking was a subject of discussion and presentation at the February Infrastructure and Transportation Committee meeting recently and will continue through design and future phases of the program. There was a recommendation to contact CalBoating for possible funding support for Marina parking and storage.


IV. Introduction to Major Phase 1 Application

The TI/YBI Major Phase 1 Application document was distributed and presents the full details.

The content of the Major Phase Application builds upon previous entitlements and focusses on refinements and changes to those plans. TICD is midway through review cycles with City agencies and boards. TICD plans to seek approval of the Major Phase Application from the TIDA Board in May and will seek the CAB’s endorsement of the Application at its May meeting.



V. Geotechnical Improvements in Major Phase 1

Questions – How much will the ground level drop during the densification and compression? In the area to be addressed in Phase 1, ground level may drop between 1.5 to 3 feet, which will have to be replaced in addition to soil required to raise the current elevations to the planned elevations for development. 

How much soil has to be brought in to meet these needs? As much as 1.5 million cubic yards will be required for the entire project.  About 275,000 cubic yards of soil (65,000 truckloads) have already been brought to the island. Will any of it be brought in by barge? It will depend on the origin of the soil, but is not likely to be economical unless the soil is coming from a source adjacent to the bay.


Are the roads going to be closed during construction? Yes, they will be. The causeway won’t be closed, but half of it will need to be closed at a time to perform the geotechnical work in that area.  Other road closures will be required, but access for residents and businesses will be maintained.  How thick will the soil mixed walls be? The cumulative area will be about 60ft thick for each area, but the area will be bid out to multiple different companies with slightly different technologies that will be held to a consistent standard and will have to mesh together well.


VI. Sea Level Rise Mitigations and Shoreline Improvements in Major Phase 1

Question: Why is it more effective to build up the island perimeter twice vs. build it once higher? We don’t know how high and when it will be needed. The idea is to raise it to address the foreseeable projects and then monitor actual sea level rise and implement adaptive measures based on observed changes.  The funding plan includes capacity to help pay for adaptive strategies as required.  Will the Ferry Shelter be affected by sea level rise? It is designed for up to 3 feet of sea level rise after which additional adaptations will be required.  If it were higher initially, the slopes on the pier and gangway would be too steep. See page 120 of the Phase 1 Application for more information. How does that funding mechanism work? The Community Facilities District does not expire in the same manner that the Infrastructure Financing District will and future proceeds can be used to fund adaptation strategies when the observed and projected sea level rise indicates that it is necessary. 


VII. Future Agenda Items

Would like an update about how Job Corps is going to improve their site or buildings.


VIII. Announcements from Board members



IX. Public Comments