Citizen's Advisory Board - January 6, 2015 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
January 6, 2015 - 6:00pm
Room 421

Treasure Island /Yerba Buena Island

Citizens Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, January 6, 2015



  1. Roll Call

Natalie Bonnewit, Nathan Brennan, George Brown, Mark Connors, Mike DeLane, Heather Gallagher, Jorge Garcia, Crysanthe Gussis, Liz Hirschhorn, Becky Hogue, Karen Knowles-Pearce, Time Molinare, Kathrin Moore, Atta Pilram, Scott Vedro


  1. Approval of June 3, 2014, October 7, 2014, December 2, 2014 CAB Minutes

One correction is for the October 7 minutes to be changed to 2014 instead of 2013.

Otherwise, the minutes for all meetings were approved now that we have a quorum.


III. TIDA Staff Updates:


a) Treasure Island Development Authority Board

There was an election of new officers at the December TIDA meeting. First meeting of a newly created Infrastructure Committee will be January 27th. Time and place will be shared out to the CAB. February Board meeting will be a day early on Tuesday, February 10th.


Question: Are there some technical qualifications for the membership on the Infrastructure Committee? It’s a highly technical topic. Answer: There are not specific qualifications, but the committee has been made up of the most appropriately aligned members of the TIDA Board. Those meetings are open to the public.


b) Legislative

Nothing new to report.


c) Development Schedule

An updated schedule of activities over the next year has been created for September 2014 – March 2016. Initial transfer of lands from Navy to TIDA should be this quarter.


d) Navy Environmental Program


Work should continue on schedule if not accelerate. Work at the solid waste disposal areas should restart next week with interior work, then the buildings start coming down in 2 weeks.


At the December RAB meeting, there was a year-in-review for 2014 and talking about the upcoming plans for 2015.


IV. Update on Draft Streetscape Master Plan: Transit Hub Circulation

See presentation document for full details. This is the third and hopefully last iteration of this presentation to the CAB. This is a quick chance for any last comments or questions. There have been some refinements around the Transit Hub.


Pamela Conrad from CMG presenting. There has been an extensive city review process, including meetings with various bodies almost weekly. Will be looking for our endorsement at the beginning of February. There were some concerns about the proximity of bicycles and buses. The bike lane has now been shifted away from the buses, pulled off from the street and now aligned with bike traffic coming in from the rest of the island.


Shared Public Ways are meant to be very European and mostly for loading and drop-off. These have been improved to add in accessible loading zones on both side of the street. Also added in a series of mid-block crossings and improved crosswalks.


Questions & Comments:

Regarding Shared Streets – Are bicycles encouraged to use the street? Yes. It is a mixed traffic road with rich pavement types.

Good to see the bike lane separated from the buses. Must get out of the habit of combining buses, bikes, and pedestrians. Buses will be coming at high frequencies in order to encourage this to be a transit and pedestrian neighborhood.


V. Introduction of Open Space Design Development for Major Phase Application

See presentation document for full details.  Chris Giard Landscape Architect presenting.


Talking about the open spaces in the first major phases. A group of landscape architects has been brought in since the D4D.


The cityside park now has an extension of the windrows out into the park to help with wind mitigation. This park is broken into 6 areas. The event space will be temporarily moved during construction. Primary access will be multi-use bike/pedestrian promenade. There will also be a 2 way bike track. The vision is to have one park with many different experiences and feelings in it. Much like Crissy Field has multiple zones with different experiences.


Question: Are there specific locations that being built out specifically to support temporary art installations? Answer: That is another layer on top of the landscape. The Arts Commission will be working with TIDA to discuss an Art Plan and that will come to the CAB for comments later.


Question: How much consideration has been given to the ongoing maintenance? Answer: We are working to develop a feasible maintenance plan. The idea is that it is a fairly rustic and very low maintenance needs.


Question: Sea level rise. How will this affect maintenance and safety for this and other parks? Answer: They are all being setup to be protected with the exception of a few locations. After a sea level rise of about 36 inches you may see overflow in those locations. The goal is to keep the open spaces protected. Comment: This seems like a better idea than was presented earlier with a berm of protection which would limit the view in both directions. There are some areas that may have to be reworked to raise the promenade and open space over time.


Question: Why were so many different landscape architects hired? So many quality architects showed up and they wanted to have a diversity of experience and to continue the theme of the island being built by many hands.


Cheryl Barton presented a plan for the Cultural Park. This is a slightly different place. In the heart of it is the Chapel. The idea is to keep the space as a separate space, a bit of a quiet space and refuge from the weather and a place for contemplation. This is a place for weddings and ephemeral events. The area around the chapel will be raised and then a drop of 18 inches down to the Chapel and it’s surrounding deck. A series of terraces of richly planted garden areas will separate the space from the busy street. It’s meant to be a civic space and it’s important to be able to move into the Chapel building with doors and entrances as expected. Explored feasibility for large stage performances, small staged events, art festivals, fitness events, and a farmers market. 


Question: Is there a pump station to drain it out, since it is lower than the rest of the island? Answer: Hopefully not needed because the doors are higher than the base flood elevation and the grade will be angled outward so it is self-draining.


Question: Are we keeping the big line of palm trees? Answer: There is a proposal to keep some of them as or expand them as part of Cityside Avenue. There is a disease issue, so they might be replaced with other varieties.


Question: Will the street names remain? Answer: There is an ongoing discussion about whether they should keep the existing, or bring in something new with a theme, etc.


East Side Commons: Linear park from California up to the east side of the island. Smaller scale, but the idea is that it feels a bit like the Panhandle as you move through the neighborhood. Meant to be a community park.


Question: If you stand at one end, can you see all the way to the other? Answer: Only if you are on the edges.


There is an idea to create a non-traditional play environment, not just a playground. Maybe have the opportunity for artists to create pieces that children and adults can play on.


Question: How will building heights affect sunlight exposure on the narrow park during the day? Answer: The idea is to have warm open and protected spaces, not quite as cool as the Panhandle. The park is lined up relatively north/south and should get good exposure. There are also breaks planned along some of the lower buildings and other openings.


Yerba Buena Hilltop: North Summit, Saddle, South Saddle areas. Exploring the idea of scattering loose chairs in the North Summit so that visitors can arrange and re-arrange as they wish. The existing water tank would be replaced by another seating area with a view of the Bay Bridge.


Question: Where will be the best spot to view the Bay Lights? Answer: This location will be immediately above the bridge, so one of the other open spaces further down on Treasure Island will probably be the best spot for that.


Question: What about the other water tanks? Answer: All of the existing tanks will be decommissioned, but one will be adjusted and hopefully retained for sheltered seating.


Comment: Scott thinks all the proposals are great and he can’t wait to go hang out. 



VI. Future Agenda Items


Next month, we’ll be voting on the Streetscapes plan.

Atta would like to learn more about Clipper Cove. We’ll be hearing from them this Spring.


VII. Announcements from Board members



VIII. Public Comments