Temporary Service Interruption Planned for Final Repairs

** UPDATE Tuesday October 30, 2012 - 5:45 PM**

Following the water main break that occurred Friday evening, October 27th, the San Francisco Water Department is returning to the Island tonight, October 30th/October 31st to complete the permanent repair of the water main.

During this work, all water supply to Treasure Island will be interrupted. The work has been scheduled to reduce impacts to residents and businesses. Some customers may still have water pressure during this period, but please avoid non-essential water use, in order to prevent a widespread outage.

Work will begin this evening at 12AM (12:00AM Wednesday, October 31) with an expected duration of 4 hours. Completion should occur by 4AM, Wednesday, October 31.

Please click here for the full notification from PUC (PDF - English/Spanish/Mandarin).


Sunday October 28, 2012

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) have rescinded the Boil Water Order Notice for Treasure Island.   THE WATER IS CONFIRMED SAFE TO DRINK AND RESIDENTS CAN STOP PURIFYING IT AS OF 9:30 PM, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2012.  Laboratory testing, which is routine after a water main break that results in a loss of water pressure for an extended period of time, shows that tap water on Treasure Island is safe. Throughout this situation, Yerba Buena Island has been unaffected.

Please click here for information on the rescinded Boil Water Order and steps for resuming use of tap water on Treasure Island (PDF).

Please click here for SFPUC News Release of 10/28/12 (PDF). 

On Friday 10/26/2012, a major water pipe break on Treasure Island interrupted service to Treasure Island.  Yerba Buena Island was unaffected The SFPCU restored water pressure at 7AM, Saturday morning (10/27/12) but service was limited to non-potable use only– such as toilet flushing, showering, and clothes washing.  The SFPUC issued a previous “Water Purification Advisory” or boil order notice on Saturday morning as a precaution in the event that contaminated water may have entered the drinking water pipes through a main break.