February 9, 2011 - TIDA Board Meeting Materials & Staff Summaries

 Agenda Item 8

Treasure Island/Yerba Buena Island Redevelopment Project Entitlements and Transaction Documents Presentations:

 (i) Draft Design for Development 02.09.2011  (240 MB)
 (ii) Draft Sustainability Plan  02.09.2011  (48 MB)
 Agenda Item 8 Staff Summary


 Agenda Item 9

Resolution Conditionally Approving a Replacement Housing Plan for the Treasure Island/Yerba Buena Redevelopment Project, as Proposed to be Implemented Through Agreements with Treasure Island Community Development, LLC and the Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative

 Replacement Housing Plan 02.09.2011 (1MB)
 Agenda Item 9 Staff Summary

Replacement Housing Plan Resolution - TIDA

**For the above documents, please allow additional downloading time as they are rather large files**