TIDA Comment on Navy’s Intention to Scan Homes

The Navy has notified TIDA of their intention to survey the homes on Treasure Island as part of their on-going investigation and cleanup efforts at Treasure Island. These surveys will complement previous California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and Navy surveys of the open spaces and backyards in the residential area of the island.

The Navy has indicated that their decision to conduct these surveys has not altered the Navy or the CDPH’s assessment that it is safe to live and work on Treasure Island. Based on TIDA and San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) review of prior Navy and CDPH survey results and discussions with CDPH and the Navy, we agree that it is safe, but also support the Navy’s decision to conduct the proposed surveys as part of their remediation program.

TIDA will work with the Navy and the State of California as they develop plans and procedures for the surveys and have requested that the Navy schedule a community meeting as soon as possible to discuss their plans with residents and to respond to residents’ questions.

U.S. Navy Press Release: “Navy to Survey Homes on Treasure Island”