TICD Submits First Major Phase Application

Map of TI Development Phase 1 Sub-phases

Treasure Island Community Development (TICD) the Island's Master Developer, has submitted the first Major Phase (Major Phase 1) Application for the Development Project. 

The Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island “Project” is divided into four “Major Phases” (large, mixed-use areas) of development and, within each Major Phase, various “Sub-Phases” (one or more adjacent blocks within the Major Phase).  Subject to the terms and conditions in the Project’s Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA), the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) will convey portions of the Project Site to TICD for development. 

This Major Phase 1 Application is the presentation by TICD of refined infrastructure designs and consolidated project information related to Major Phase 1.   The Application includes plans, diagrams, data, narrative, reports, and compliance updates required by the Project’s Design Review and Document Approval Procedure (DRDAP), an exhibit to the DDA. 

The Major Phase 1 Application is available for review and download in the links below.

Major Phase 1 Application - submitted by TICD February, 2015

Major Phase 1 Application Chapters 1 & 2 (PDF)
Major Phase 1 Application Chapter 3

  1. Chapter 3 Pt. 1 (PDF)
  2. Chapter 3 Pt. 2 (PDF)
  3. Chapter 3 Pt. 3 (PDF)
  4. Chapter 3 Pt. 4 (PDF)
  5. Chapter 3 Pt. 5 (PDF)
  6. Chapter 3 Pt. 6 (PDF)

Major Phase 1 Application Chapter 4

  1. Chapter 4 Pt. 1 (PDF)
  2. Chapter 4 Pt. 2 (PDF)
  3. Chapter 4 Pt. 3 (PDF)
  4. Chapter 4 Pt. 4 (PDF)

Major Phase 1 Application Chapters 5, 6, 7 & 8 (PDF)

* Please note several of the links above are to large-sized files requiring extended download time.

** Associated geotechnical reports are available for review at the TIDA Office.

Map of TI Development Master Phases