New Traffic Control/Stop Signs on YBI Hillcrest Road

In order to facilitate construction of the new Yerba Buena Island Westbound on and off ramps and provide additional safety to motorists, two new STOP signs will soon be unveiled on Hillcrest Road at the intersection of the new Forest Road Temporary Road (FR Temporary Road) which connects Hillcrest Road with Forest Road (see map).

Click here for full Notice in PDF format.

Please note the following changes in traffic conditions that will take place on Hillcrest Road when the new STOP signs are unveiled:

  • Westbound and Eastbound traffic on Hillcrest Road will now need to STOP at the intersection of the newly created FR Temporary Road.
  • The new FR Temporary Road at the intersection with Hillcrest Road will open but ONLY to vehicles from the United State Coast Guard, YBI Ramps Construction Crew and Emergency Vehicles.

What Can You Expect?
You will notice newly unveiled STOP signs on both westbound and eastbound Hillcrest Road. These STOP signs will be highlighted with florescent orange flags to increase motorist’s attention to the change in traffic conditions. In addition, newly painted ‘STOP’ bars will be added to the pavement at the intersection to highlight the new traffic directive.

FR Temporary Road is not to be used by local/through traffic. Traffic monitoring will be in effect to ensure that this private road is not utilized by unauthorized vehicles.  Please see Page 2 of the flyer for a map for the location of these new STOP signs.

For More Information
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