Navy Hosts Open-House Regarding Upcoming Residential Surveys

On Saturday, May 31st, the Navy hosted a community workshop providing residents an opportunity to receive more information and ask questions about the upcoming radiological surveys of the Treasure Island residential units.  TIDA staff and representatives from the California Department of Public Health, the Department of Toxic Substances Control, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, and the San Francisco Department of Public Health were all in attendance to answer residents’ questions. 

The workshop was structured as an open-house to provide the greatest opportunity for direct interaction between residents and agency representatives.  Poster boards and handouts provided information on the planned radiological surveys of residences on Treasure Island and the historical use of radiological materials on the Island.  Copies of those materials can be viewed at the links below. 

Surveys are expected to begin on June 12th and to be completed by the end of September.  The Navy contractor and project manager will be working with TIDA and the individual housing providers to schedule the surveys. 

Questions about the surveys can be directed to any of the agencies at the contacts listed below.  Questions about scheduling are best directed to TIDA. 


United States Navy
Keith Foreman
Navy BRAC Environmental Coordinator for Treasure Island
(415) 308-1458

California Department of Public Health
Send via email to a special inbox set up for Treasure Island inquries:

Department of Toxic Substance Control
Mei Sunga, Project Manager
(510) 540-3840

Environmental Cleanup Hotline
(415) 487-4841

Materials from the May 31st Open-House: (links below open to PDF documents)

May 2014 Community Open House Fact Sheet (English) (Spanish) (Chinese)

An Introduction to the Resident Open House

A History of Treasure Island Site

Understanding Radiation

Understanding the Type & Extent of Radiological Contamination in Site 12*

Housing Survey Project Information

Site 12* Cleanup Process

Treasure Island Radiological Program

Planned Site 12* Sampling Events for Non-Radiological Contaminants

* - Site 12 or Installation Restoration Site 12 is the Navy’s name for the portion of Treasure Island that includes the residential housing.