Development Program Small Business Enterprise Procedures Approved

At it's January 8, 2014 meeting the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) Board of Directors adopted Small Business Enterprise Procedures to be followed by Treasure Island Community Development, LLC, (TICD), in the development of the former Naval Station Treasure Island. These SBE Procedures will also apply to any vertical developers and to construction contractors or consultants to TICD or a vertical developer.

The SBE Procedures are intended to implement the SBE participation goals established in the Jobs and Equal Opportunity Program (Jobs EOP) that was an exhibit to the Disposition and Development Agreement between TIDA and TICD. The Jobs EOP established Small Business Participation Goals of 41% for development construction contracts and 38% for development professional services contracts.

Jobs and Equal Opportunity Program (PDF) 

Small Business Enterprise Procedures - January 2014 (Treasure Island/Yerba Buena Island) (PDF) 

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