Citizen's Advisory Board - October 6, 2020 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
October 6, 2020 - 6:00pm

Treasure Island /Yerba Buena Island
Citizens Advisory Board
DRAFT Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, October 6, 2020
1) Roll Call
Natalie Bonnewit, Nathan Brennan, Mark Connors, Joanne Desmond, Heather Gallagher, Chrysanthe Gussis, Liz Hirschhorn, Tim Molinare, Atta Pilram, Jesse Tepper
2) Public Comments
There was no public comment.
3) TIDA Staff Report
Bob Beck, TIDA
Paul Giusti retired from TIDA Board in June.
Sharon Lai was appointed to MTA Commission and has stepped down from TIDA Board.
TIDA staff Mirian Saez retired in July.
YMCA currently hosting learning pods as part of SFUSD remote learning program.
One Treasure Island continues to operate food pantry throughout COVID crisis.
With help of Hope Williams SFUSD meals program has been brought to TI.
Aracely and Mersea providing discounted meals to island residents.
One Treasure Island completed cycle of Construction Training Program using remote training whenever possible.
TIDA staff members Peter Summerville, Loraine Lee, and Jack Nathanson have served multiple multi-week assignments in citywide Disaster Service Worker roles as part of the COVID-19 response.
4) Community Facilities Planning Laura Shipman, One Treasure Island
Jen Isacoff, MIG
Jen Isacoff, MIG, presented an update to the 2010 Community Facilities Needs Assessment. Vision for Treasure Island is a thriving and inclusive new neighborhood that celebrates diversity and offers opportunities for all.
Ms. Isacoff provided an update of 2020 overall trends including on-demand lifestyle and convenience, community resilience, healing-centered design, the nature of work, hybrid community spaces, and lifelong environments.
Interviews with stakeholders are in progress.
Key takeaways from interviews include access issues, the need for flexible community-serving spaces, the potential of food to serve as a community connector, a desire to better serve youth, seniors and vulnerable populations, and to plan and celebrate the unique environment, history and community of Treasure Island.
Ms. Isacoff reviewed the scope and schedule. The Final Needs Assessment will be complete December 2020.
5) Community Building Efforts
Mark Joseph, Founding Director of National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities
Mr. Joseph reviewed strategies for increased mixed-income success including strategies for inclusive design of mixed-income housing, integrating mixed-income housing into broader neighborhood, avoiding displacement of low-income residents, attracting and retaining
higher-income residents, inclusive social dynamics, and economic mobility.
Mr. Joseph reviewed their Phase 1 scope of work with Treasure Island. Focus areas include community facilities and retail strategy.
Mark Connors requested services for the mentally ill.
Tim Molinare commented on displacement of residents.
Heather Gallagher commented on highlighting cultures and mentorship opportunities.
6) Construction and Development Update
Bob Beck, TIDA
Mr. Beck reviewed progress of development since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. Overall, the crisis has had a minimal impact on the program.
Mr. Beck presented an update on infrastructure improvements including Yerba Buena Road, water tank improvements, Bristol Condominiums, East Causeway demolition and vibro-compaction, interim Avenue of Palms and Causeway detour, street improvements, Ferry Facility waterside improvements, and Wastewater Treatment Plant Site geotechnical improvements.
Mr. Beck provided an update on vertical development including The Bristol, YBI Flats and Townhomes, Treasure Island Stage 1, Maceo May Apartments, and Mercy and Catholic Charities parcels.
7) Role of CAB Discussion
Tim Moliare reviewed the CAB Bylaws and opened a discussion on the role of the CAB.
Atta Pilram commented that the CAB could become more of a center point for providing input from communities and work on community building.
Atta Pilram commented on need to have more Treasure Island residents on CAB. CAB should be more island/resident focused.
Mark Joseph spoke in support of Mr. Pilram’s remarks and commented there will be need for local residents as advisory in community building efforts.
Tim Moliare requested to visit next TIDA Board meeting to introduce himself and express interest in having more island residents as part of CAB
Heather commented on her specialization in art and that the CAB is just getting to the good stuff.
8) Future Agenda Items Discussion
Atta Pilramrequested an update on the Marina and to discuss issues of access and parking.

Tim Molinare requested future items on Job Corps and slow streets.
9) Comments from Board Members
Tim Molinare commented on passing of John Stewart.
10) Adjournment