Citizen's Advisory Board - February 2, 2016 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
February 2, 2016 - 6:00pm

Treasure Island /Yerba Buena Island

Citizens Advisory Board

DRAFT Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

6:00-8:00 PM


San Francisco City Hall, Rm 421

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco, CA 94102


For further information about the meeting please contact Kate Austin at (415) 274-0646


I.                      Roll Call

David Bogdanoff, Natalie Bonnewit, Nathan Brennan, George Brown, Mark Connors, Mike DeLane, Jorge Garcia, Chrysanthe Gussis, Liz Hirschhorn, Kevin Holl, Karen Knowles-Pearce, Tim Molinare, Scott Vedro


  1. Approval of December 1, 2015 CAB Minutes

The December 1, 2015 CAB meeting minutes were approved.


  1. TIDA Staff Updates

Robert Beck, Treasure Island Director, provided an update on TIDA staff, legislation, development schedule, and Navy Environmental Program.

The developer took bids on demolition contract in November. TICD has put out construction contract for the new water reservoirs. Demolition contract for Star Barracks, Casa and other building on Treasure Island will be next.

In anticipation of the demolition, staff has worked with the Treasure Island Flea Market on plans to relocate to the eastern waterfront.

CDPH issued a letter last month releasing the Bigelow Court area for unrestricted re-use.

Mr. Beck made comments on public financing.


  1. CAB Elections

Heather Gallagher was nominated as Secretary by Tim Molinare.

Mike DeLane was nominated as Vice Chair by Nathan Brannan.

Karen Knowles-Pearce was nominated as Chair by George Brown.


  1. Existing Electrical System Overview

Robert Beck, Treasure Island Director, provided an overview of the existing electrical system on Treasure Island. The information was previously shared with residents and commercial tenants at a poster session staffed by TIDA and SFPUC on January 23rd

Power on the island is provided by the SFPUC’s Hetch Hetchy The Hetch Hetchy Power System whose primary source is hydroelectric energy from four powerhouses.

There was a large spike in outages on Treasure Island in 2012. The main reasons for power outages included failed equipment, birds, animals, and trees branches.  There are also a number of outages whose cause is indeterminate, but suspected to be due to the age & fault tolerance of existing equipment. The SFPUC did a number of improvements to address the issues and performs maintenance year-round. The PUC response time has also improved. 


  1. Sea Level Rise

Dilip Trivedi, Moffatt & Nichol, reviewed the project’s key principles. Treasure Island is a model project related to climate change and established a precedent for addressing sea level rise (SLR) in the SF Bay Area. There will be wide publically accessible setbacks all around the island and significant investment in infrastructure and raising site grades.


The SLR strategy was built around key elements including raising the development footprint to accommodate SLR to beyond 2070, improve perimeter protection to mid-century level minimum, improve interior drainage to mid-century levels minimum, and develop adaption strategies – including funding strategies – for higher SLR improvements. These key elements exceed both BCDC public access criteria and SFPUC criteria. The project design is adopting 36” of SLR allowance for building pads and major streets, and 36” of SLR for perimeter and drainage.


Mr. Trivedi also reviewed the adaptive management plan, triggers for adaptation, and Community Facilities District funding.


  1. TIMMA Update

Rachel Hiatt, TIMMA, presented a congestion pricing policy analysis update, reviewed the project background and goals and the challenges considered in past planning and the Treasure Island Transportation Implementation Plan (TITIP).

TITIP goals include an emphasis on walking and biking, providing high quality
transit, having financial viability, and car-light living. Treasure Island will be amongst San Francisco’s most transit-rich neighborhoods. The mobility program policies will be adopted in phases with policy recommendations including toll directions, HOV and other toll exemptions, and affordability policies to be adopted in the coming months and other decisions including the toll amount and toll hours to be adopted closer to the start of tolling.


Ms. Hiatt reviewed outreach that was done to current TI residents and businesses since the last update. Key issues that were brought up include access, off-island needs, policies relative to current residents, and phasing.


Ms. Hiatt reviewed the launch timeline. The tolls, additional bus service, and affordability program will begin as new homes open in 2019. Staff will be seeking policy direction from the TIMMA Board on direction of tolling, HOV provisions, and affordability programs later this year.  Policy decisions on the toll level and hours of operation will need to be made in 2018 prior to the start of operations.


  1. Future Agenda Items

Mark Dunlop thanked Mr. Beck for working with the PUC and for getting TIDA Board meetings on SFG-TV.


  1. Announcements from Board members

There were no announcements from Board members. 


  1. Public Comments

There was no public comment.


  1. Adjourn



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