Citizen's Advisory Board - December 4, 2018 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
December 4, 2018 - 6:00pm

Treasure Island /Yerba Buena Island

Citizens Advisory Board

DRAFT Minutes

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

6:00-8:00 PM


  1. Roll Call

Natalie Bonnewit, Mark Connors, Mike DeLane, Chrysanthe Gussis, Karen Knowles-Pearce, Tim Molinare, Atta Pilram, Jesse Tepper


  1. Approval of June 5, 2018 CAB Minutes

The minutes were approved.   


  1. TIDA Staff Updates

Bob Beck introduced Will Fleissig of Treasure Island Development Group.

On January 7th, ESPN will be doing a live broadcast from Treasure Island during halftime of the NCAA Football Championship game being played at Levi Stadium. 

SFPL Techmobile’s is holding an on-Island Stargazing Event with SF Amateur Astronomers Assn. on December 6th.

TI Flea held its last event of the year on Thanksgiving weekend.

Extensive work underway to realign and widen Macalla. Goal to have initial improvements completed within the next year to coordinate with residential development.

TICD will be making temporary roadway improvements along Clipper Cove in anticipation of shift in traffic to the West Side of the Causeway and onto Clipper Cove down to Hanger 2 in January.

The Brig and other buildings where the new WWTP is to be constructed are vacated and secured, awaiting demolition in January.

The Subphase Application is scheduled to be submitted in January.

Jesse Tepper asked about the status of baseball fields.

Tim Molinare asked about Pre-DDA households.


  1. YBI Parks and Trails Update

Jamie Phillips, CMG, provided a detailed overview of the future parks and trail systems on

Yerba Buena Island, including a two mile Island Loop trail, a dog park, and multiple seating areas with views.

Ms. Phillips reviewed the proposed redesign of the stairway leading to Clipper Cove Beach.

Ms. Phillips presented details and materiality including YBI Habitat Restoration, types of trails and walkways, furniture made from YBI salvaged eucalyptus, and trail signage.


Tim Molinare asked the location of pygmy oaks.



  1. Treasure Island Subphase II Overview

Pamela Conrad, CMG, presented an overview of Treasure Island Subphase II. The presentation provided details and design on the transit network and circulation, Clipper Cove Promenade, Retail Street, Building 2 and 3, Eastside Common, Eastern Shoreline Park, and the stormwater treatment gardens. Eastside Common will include a plaza, swing space, and dog park.

The Subphase Application will be submitted January 2019.


Atta Pilram asked about the on-island shuttle and the plan for Pier 1.


  1. TIMMA Proposed Treasure Island Transit Pass, Toll Policy, and Affordability Program

Rachel Hiatt, SFCTA, reviewed the history and timeline of the transit pass, toll policy, and affordability program, and presented revisions of TIMMA’s policy recommendations.

            Muni services are funded by the City/SFMTA budget, not the proposed toll.

            For current Treasure Island residents, SFCTA is proposing a monthly credit or stipend of

$250-$300 for each current household to offset toll expenses, or a $0 off-peak toll.

New proposals in response to resident comments include providing an additional toll credit for every 10 one-way transit trips on-off Island, simplifying transit connections, increasing weekend toll rate from $1 to $2, and increasing weekend toll hours from 10am to 8am.

            Eric Cordoba, SFCTA, reviewed program funding contributions to date. $477 million total contributions from State & Federal funding, TICD, and BATA.

Mr. Cordoba reviewed project costs, revenues, and potential future fund sources.

The Toll Policy will be considered for approval by the TIMMA Board on December 11.


Mark Connors commented that he disagrees with the toll and believes it disproportionately effects low income residents. Mr. Connors asked about the option of grandfathering in current residents.

Natalie Bonnewit shared a message from Sherry Williams thanking TIMMA for all the community outreach they have done.

Ms. Bonnewit asked if the stipend can be used for both purchasing a transit pass or for the toll. Answer: Yes.

Ms. Bonnewit asked if a stipend is received anywhere else in SF. Answer: No.

Jesse Tepper asked about the muni frequency and if there will be a bus lane on the bridge. 


  1. Future Agenda Items

Karen Knowles-Pearce requested information on purpose and future decisions of the CAB.

Bob Beck said there will be an update at the February meeting.


  1. Announcements from Board members

Natalie Bonnewit announced that on December 8th there will be a community painting day for the TI Community Mural at the Treasure Island Gym, and One Treasure Island will be working on their Community Garden.

Atta Pilram requested an update on Clipper Cove and the Sailing Center.  


  1. Public Comments


  1. Adjourn