Citizen's Advisory Board - April 2, 2019 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
April 2, 2019 - 6:00pm
Treasure island/Yerba Buena Island
Citizens Advisory Board
Draft Minutes
Tuesday April 2, 2019
1. Roll Call
Natalie Bonnewit, Nathan Brennan, Mark Connors, Liz Hirschhorn, Atta Pilram, Karen Knowles-Pearce, Becky Hogue, Chrysanthe Gussis 
2. Minutes of last meeting tabled
3. TIDA Staff Updates
Board of Supervisors approved the Sailing Center and Marina leases. Next both projects will go to BCDC for permitting.
Next fall (November 2019) there is going to be a bond measure for affordable housing we are hoping to get as much of that bond money. 
Emergency facilities bond delayed until November 2020. 
Supervisors are looking at a ban on contributions by developers for the 2019 ballot. 
On March 7 Supervisor Haney held a Town Hall on the Island. The meeting lasted about two hours and a wide range of topics were discussed. TIDA staff has already had follow up meetings on some of the topics. 
Supervisor Haney is regularly attending TIDA Board Meetings. 
Ampco has begun taking down buildings to make way for the waste water treatment plant. 
There was a temporary water shut down so that a tank on Macalla Road could be isolated and demolished. 
Once weather is dry move a stockpile of soil from Ave H and 9th into the subphase one area.
Most of the vibratory compaction is done at first site and will begin on next location soon.
Subphase application for the next area east of building one has been resubmitted. Hope to have approved by end of next week. 
On Island TIDA board meeting next week mostly housing items. 
Beginning May 1 pre DDA households can take an early in lieu payment. 
Environmental Report

Cleanup Controversy: The Navy is working on a response to the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, PEER, Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. The Navy is reviewing all the work that was done by Tetra Tech EC, the Hunters Point contractor charged with criminal cleanup conduct.  Most of the TI radiological work was done by other contractors. Also Treasure Island did not have the shipyard facilities or work history like Hunters Point.  California Department of Toxic Substance Control, DTSC, is the state's lead agency overseeing the cleanup, they are assisted by the Water Board and the Department of Public Health.

NAVY Staffing: Dave Clark continues as the Lead Remedial Project Manager. Temporarily the Base Realignment and Closure, BRAC, Environmental Coordinator for Treasure Island is Reginald Paulding, he transferred from a Navy environmental project in San Diego while a new BRAC EC is hired (in progress).

Site 12 the Housing Area:  The scattered (forty-one) "small" soil removals project on the northern end of Site 12 is going forward. The Navy contractor is about 40% complete at this time. The contractor prepared a second soil screening pad on Site 32, all impacted soils are spread out on contained-controlled test bed at a depth optimum for roll over radiological detectors. Any radiologically contaminated soils are put into specially designed, closed and sealed bins for disposal at a certified land fill (usually in Utah). All radiological contamination is controlled by the Navy’s Radiological Affairs Support Office (RASO).  All trucks go through radiation scanning portals before leaving the Treasure Island site (and when entering landfills) to ensure no radiologically contaminated soil is disposed of improperly. The remaining soil, contaminated with other chemicals (including lead, benzo(a)pyrene, chromium, PCBs, pesticides, or dioxins), is disposed of at approved landfills.

The Navy is still preparing to demolish buildings #1126, #1202, and #1127 to clean up soil below the foundations. The Navy is working with San Francisco to disconnect all the utilities prior to demolition. Other preparation includes asbestos cleanup, and appliance recycling.


-North Point Area  The Navy is preparing for an approximately 4,000 cubic yards removal in the old solid waste disposal area (SWDA) that includes creosoted timbers, all removed soil will also be scanned for radiological contamination. This dig will remove soil under a portion of Northpoint Drive which will be repaved after completion. The ground water monitoring wells are tested on regular basis to ensure cleanup is meeting required goals. All the NAVY contractor's trucks or trailers will have a large numbered green sticker, to make them more easily identifiable among the Island truck traffic generated by the TIDA redevelopment project.

 -Westside Drive Area: The Navy will process a new contract for the next (and final) phase of Site 12 clean up (solids waste disposal).


Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) Meeting:   RAB meetings are quarterly, held on Treasure Island, the most recent (March) meeting was held in Building 1. The next meeting for 2019 is scheduled for June 18th. Please check the Navy website  for confirmation of the meeting time and location and for more information about Treasure Island. The Navy has a facilitator, Marsha Maloof, lead the RAB Meetings to help get everyone's comments.  


Navy Clean Up Documents:

All environmental documents are in San Francisco's Main Library Government Center on the fifth floor. The Navy has a back up library in Building 1, Suite 161 on Treasure Island. Documents are also available on the Navy website or in California DTSC's Envirostor website:

4.  YBI Vertical 
Sara Doran of Wilson Meany
Three parcels of private development on YBI. 
262 units plus 14 below market rate all units will be for sale only.
Hope to begin building next month or when they get all their permits. 
124 unbundled parking spaces to be purchased in the podium building. 
There will be studios that are 600 square feet up to four bedrooms that will be as large as 4,000 square feet.
All units on YBI will have a view.
Design team is Hart Howerton and BDE.
Hope to have a thriving community by March of 2021.
Do the high end units help pay for other things on the islands?
Yes, with the CFD assessment taxes they pay.
Is the clubhouse for all, pool indoor or outdoor, what is the pool size?
Clubhouse is for all units on YBI.    
Pool is outside. 
Pool is a 25 meter each way lap pool. 
Do some units get parking included? 
Yes some unbundled not sure if there is an extra charge for units that have garages. 
Are the elevators private?
Flats have elevators in the units. Townhouses have private elevators. 
The podium building has central, shared elevators. 
Are the fronts of the town houses each different?
Yes we want the Townhouses to feel as individual single family homes. 
The fireplaces in the common area is it a real wood burning fireplace? 
No, they are not.
Will the project be named Yerba Buena?
Yes the island will be called Yerba Buena as will the project but buildings and streets will have different names. Will have to work with City emergency agencies as to not have street names competing with street names on the mainland. 
When will we know pricing for non BMP units?
Around sales launch in January 2020. 
We know that planning has final say on everything but will TIDA or the CAB have any input?
No these are privately owned so the Planning Department has oversight. Updates are brought to TIDA Board and CAB for information. For buildings on trust land there will be some input.
Will the building materials be green?
Whenever we can. 
Karen expressed her positive impression on the project 
5. Hilltop Park  
Martin Wiggins of TIDG 
Hilltop Park is at the top of Yerba Buena Island.  
There are eastern parts and western parts known as Hilltop Park 1 and 2. 
West Hilltop will be where the entry is also the Sugimoto sculpture. 
East side will have the Tank Gardens which will is where the old water tank is, top will be cut off and made into a piece of art.
Habitat management plan calls for the parks to promote activity and native habitat. 
ADA accessible as much as can be. 
Eastside is also such that firetrucks can turn around. 
Dog Park moved to a flatter location. 
Timeline: Hilltop Park to begin construction in 2020. 
Will the park and dog park be open to the public or only YBI residents?
Open to the general public. 
6. Pier E2 Update
Bob Beck of TIDA
Originally Caltrans was going to take down all of the pier but has proposed leaved a portion of the pier as a public access amenity. 
Caltrans will need to complete the clean-up. 
Caltrans will be the owner of the pier, but TIDA will own the Torpedo building and maintain the pier and surrounding area.
SFCTA will demo Quarters Eight as part of the Southgate/Hillcrest interchange project, and proposes to put a new roof on the Torpedo building as a preservation effort. 
Torpedo building is the oldest building on the island and is on the Federal Register of Historical Buildings. 
Opening day event Labor Day 2019. 
What will the building be?
Not sure yet. 
6. Clipper Cove Detour
Bob Beck of TIDA
Causeway traffic will reroute to the other side of the causeway.
From end of causeway there will be a new reroute on Clipper Cove. 
California will close from Treasure Island road to Ave D. 
Traffic will be rerouted to California St on D Street. 
More traffic for the main gate market hopefully they will get some business back. 
There will be a new driveway to Building 1. 
This is all effective April 2019. 
7. Announcements from Board Members 
Karen thanked Becky for agreeing to be secretary. 
Atta asked if there was some way for especially Becky but others to Skype to our meeting. 
Bob said he would check and see what other Committees do. 
Mark said when on the PUC committee they allowed it. 
One Treasure Island had another graduating class from the construction class. 
Karen read a farewell letter from Kevin Hall. 
Which means there is another seat to fill. Bob has notified Supervisor Haney and the Mayor’s Office. 
8. There was no public comment
9. Adjourn