Board of Directors - October 10, 2018 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
October 10, 2018 - 1:30pm




October 10, 2018 – 1:30PM


Room 400, City Hall

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place





1.         Call to Order 1:30



V. Fei Tsen, President

Linda Fadeke Richardson

Mark Dunlop

Jean-Paul Samaha

Sharon Lai

Paul Giusti



Hon. Jane Kim (Ex-Officio)                           


2.         General Public Comment

There was no public comment.


3.         Report by Treasure Island Director

Robert Beck, Treasure Island Director, reported on development and operation issues on Treasure Island.

Extensive planning and outreach to discourage visitors during fleet week was successful. Closure of access to the island was not required.

September TreasureFest was successful.

TI Residential Clean-Up Day is scheduled for Saturday October 20.

One Treasure Island Event on October 18.

Halloween event at the YMCA on October 30.

More than 90% of letters have been issued to residents that met with relocation advisors. These letters summarized benefits and advised them of some differences in new units.

TIMMA hosted two Open Houses on tolling. Many residents express concern about affordability.

RFP for Historic Resources issued and proposals are due October 26.

Regrading/realignment of Macalla has begun; soil being hauled from YBI to TI.

Work on retaining walls for new water reservoirs has begun.

Caltrans work on Pier E2 continues.

Abatement of Buildings 342 & 343 underway by One Treasure Island training program graduates.

TI Sub Phase 1 Final Subdivision Map and 4th Navy land transfer recorded in September.

November meeting will be on-island November 14. There will be no November ITC.


Susan Cervantes of Precita Eyes muralists provided an update on the TI mural project.


Thomas Loughlin presented his art installation “Signal" for approval on the consent agenda.


There was no public comment.



There was no comment from Directors.

  1. here was no public comment.



There was no comment from Directors.

  1. here was no public comment.



  1. Approving the Minutes of the September 12, 2018 Meeting
  2. Resolution Authorizing the Treasure Island Director to Execute a Use Permit for Installation and Display of Public Art with Thomas Loughlin, an Individual.


Director Richardson moved the consent agenda.

Director Samaha seconded the motion.

This item passed unanimously.


7.         Resolution Approving the Election of Officers of the Treasure Island Development Authority and the Appointment of Officers to the Infrastructure & Transportation Committee, as Nominated by the Ad Hoc Nomination Committee, to Serve a Twelve (12) month Term of Office Commencing January 1, 2019 and ending December 31, 2019

            TIDA Board of Directors Nominations:

            President: Director Tsen

            Vice President: Director Giusti

            Secretary: Director Dunlop

            CFO: Director Lai


            TIDA Board Infrastructure & Transportation Committee Nominations:

            Chair: Director Richardson

            Director Tsen

            Director Lai    


            Director Samaha moved the nominations.

Director Richardson seconded the motion.

This item passed unanimously.


            There was no public comment.




8.         TIMMA Update on Transit Service, Toll Policies and Affordability Program

            Rachel Hiatt, TIMMA, presented an update on Treasure Island transit service planning. Ms. Hiatt reviewed past TIMMA outreach and upcoming board engagement schedule. TIMMA received feedback from in-person discussion tables, TI resident survey, and informational comments from the TIDA Board.

            TIMMA’s goals include to incentivize transit, walking, and biking, discourage use of private vehicles through tolling and paid parking, and to achieve performance targets.

Next steps include business-focused outreach, synthesizing all outreach input, and to analyze options to lower toll impact.


            Director Richardson commented on cost and modes of transportation and asked for the implementation timeline.

            Director Dunlop commented that TI residents don’t feel there is an affordable transit option for them.

            Director Lai commented on families with young children and recommended having a carpool option with reduced or no toll.

            Director Samaha commented on affordability. TI is another neighborhood in SF and shouldn’t be penalized.


            There was no public comment.


9.         Treasure Island Subphase II Planning Update

Pamela Conrad, CMG, provided an overview of TI Subphase II.

Ms. Conrad reviewed sub-phase boundary updates, the sub-phase meeting schedule, and sub-phase circulation systems including the pedestrian network, bicycle network, and parking.

Details of Clipper Cove Promenade, the retail street, Building 2 and Building 3, Eastside Common, Eastern Shoreline Park, and the storm water treatment gardens were also presented.


Director Tsen commented on the bicycle network and asked about potential uses of ground level spaces on shared public way. Director Tsen commented on her concern that the streets are too wide.

Director Richardson commented on intersections and use of innovative design ideas.

Director Dunlop commented on street names and incorporating current communities on TI. Director Dunlop commented on the need of proper signage in the dog parks.

Director Samaha asked about large event venue locations.

Director Lai asked about the dragon boat festival and if there will be play structures in the open space. Director Lai recommended having specified locations for helipads in case of emergency.


            There was no public comment.           


10.       Discussion of Future Agenda Items by Directors

Director Tsen requested a report on enterprise opportunity zones and how it may be used by TICD or nonprofit housing developers.  


11.       Adjourn 3:26