Board of Directors - March 14, 2018 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
March 14, 2018 - 1:30pm




March 14, 2018 – 1:30PM


Room 408, City Hall

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place





1.         Call to Order 1:35



V. Fei Tsen, President 

Linda Fadeke Richardson

Mark Dunlop

Sam Moss

Jean-Paul Samaha

Sharon Lai

Paul Giusti



Hon. Jane Kim (Ex-Officio)                           


2.         General Public Comment

            Jim Hancock, San Francisco Sailing Science Center, introduced himself and the Sailing Science Center project to the TIDA Board and hopes to set up the museum in Hanger 3 on TI.

            Traci Traci made comments on the lack of TI residents represented on the TIDA Board, the TIDA Board’s responsibility to the people, and air quality.


            Director Richardson commented that Director Mark Dunlop is a Treasure Island resident.


3.         Report by Treasure Island Director

Robert Beck, Treasure Island Director, reported on development and operation issues on Treasure Island.


Peter Brastow, Department of the Environment, presented on the YBI Public Stewardship Program and work to engage the TI community. Along with the regular third Wednesday, a stewardship day will be held on Saturday, March 31, 10am-12pm. YBI Bioblitz will be held on April 4.


Mr. Beck continued his report. A Community Meeting was held on 2/18 with Captain Daryl Fong from Southern Station and Bobbie Lopez from Supervisor Kim’s Office.

TIDA is assisting the Mayor’s Youth Jobs Plus initiative outreach to the Island community for the Resource and Employment Fair event on 3/17. Island families and youth ages 16-24 encouraged to attend.  Event is free and registration is required. Full information at

There was a fire on Lester Court on 3/1. TIDA is working with Navy to secure the building, 1317 Gateview, and Austin Hall.

LLA Groundbreaking event was held on 3/9.

There were two power outages in the last week, one due to vandalism and the other equipment related.

Recycle for Change, a local non-profit, will be locating a clothing and shoes collection bin at Island Cove Market within the month. 

TI had a successful TreasureFest 2/24 and 2/25 with improved traffic management plans.

A Black History Month celebration was held at the YMCA gym on on 2/24.

Netflix series “The OA” will film extensively in and around Building 1 in April.

Art proposals will be submitted 3/27 and TIDA will work with SFAC on plan to display pieces on TI and in the City.

TIDA continues to pursue a schedule with Public Works and other City agencies to bring the YBI & TI Final Maps to the BoS in April.

In April, Avenue of the Palms will be closed and the viewing area and shoreline access by the front gate will be fenced off.Detour and way finding signs will be installed to direct the public to the vista area at 9th Ave and Palms Ave prior to the fence closure.


Director Richardson asked about LLA temporary housing location and who signs off on logistics.


Director Dunlop commented on traffic issues and speeding, and asked how the TI Market is doing in their new location. Bob Beck answered that the Market has seen a decrease in sales but TIDA is working with TICD to accelerate demolition of brick wall which will help visibility.



Director Tsen encourages people to sign up for the TI Newsletter. To subscribe email


There was no public comment.



There was comment from Directors on Ongoing Business.

  1. here was no public comment.




  1. Approving the Minutes of the February 14, 2018 Meeting
  2. Resolution Authorizing the Treasure Island Director to  Exercise Options to Retroactively Extend the Agreement between the Treasure Island Development Authority and Hawk Engineers for As-Needed Infrastructure Engineering Support Services for the Treasure Island/Yerba Buena Island Development Project


Director Richardson moved the consent agenda.

Director Moss seconded the motion.

This item passed unanimously.

7.         Resolution Approving and Authorizing the Execution of Use Permit No. P-1,173 with Skatepark of Treasure Island, LLC., a California limited liability company for approximately 13,000 square feet of paved land located at Avenue M and 8th Street, Treasure Island

            Richard Rovetti, TIDA, presented details of the Use Permit with Skatepark of Treasure Island. Skatepark will provide skate opportunities for SF and Bay Area skate community. Skatepark will maintain and assume all responsibility.


            Bob O’Leary, Skatepark, commented that Skatepark is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that is committed to safety.


            Director Richardson made comments in support of Skatepark.


            Director Dunlop commented this lease will make him less concerned about youth skating on TI.


            Director Moss asked Skatepark to reach out to community for participation.


            Director Samaha asked how long Skatepark will be able to stay in this location.


            Director Tsen made comments in support.


            Director Giusti asked about hours of operation and supervision.        


Director Richardson moved the item.

Director Dunlop seconded the motion.

This item passed unanimously.


8.         Resolution approving and endorsing an Option to Lease Agreement between the Treasure Island Development Authority and Swords to Plowshares and the Chinatown Community Development Center to provide an option with a term of three years with an extension option of six months to lease parcel C3.2 for the development of low income housing      

            Bob Beck presented the Option to Lease Agreement between TIDA and Swords to Plowshares (STP) and the Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC) for parcel C3.2 for the development of low income housing.

            The first development opportunity, Parcel C3.2, is proposed to be developed by STP. STP is partnering on development with CCDC. Mr. Beck reviewed the Base Closure Homeless Assistance Agreement, 2011 program entitlement and transaction documents, housing plan requirements, and key terms of the lease.


            Leon Winston, Chief Operating Officer of Swords to Plowshares, spoke about their partnership with CCDC and VHHP funding.  


            Director Richardson and Director Dunlop thanked Mr. Winston for his leadership and good work.

            Director Lai asked about lease language.


            Director Tsen made comments on the collaboration between two non-profits and her interest in the design.


            Sherry Williams, One Treasure Island, commented on celebrating this milestone.


            Traci Traci commented that there is not enough room in the planned Swords development for families.


Director Richardson moved the item.

Director Dunlop seconded the motion.

This item passed unanimously.


9.         Resident Relocation Advisory Consultations Update

            Bob Beck presented an update on the resident relocation advisory consultations. Community Open House was held on January 20th. 155 residents attended and 103 households initially signed up for consultations. The Relocation Resource Center at 1253-F Exposition is open on Saturdays for consultations, which will continue through the end of April. More than 60% of participating households had interest in home ownership opportunities. 13% of participating households had interest in in-lieu option and timing. One Treasure Island has been working since last fall with San Francisco Housing Development Corporation to plan home buyer workshops in May, open to all households. Mr. Beck reviewed early in-lieu opportunities and affordable housing options.

            Consultation results will be reviewed at May and June board meetings.  


Director Dunlop commented that when calling residents the relocation advisory consultant should be very clear on why they are calling to not be mistaken for solicitors.


Director Giusti asked if there is documentation for households that decline assistance.


Director Lai asked to make transition housing information easy to locate on the TIDA website.


10.       Discussion of Future Agenda Items by Directors

Director Lai requested an update on the status of ferry and the toll conversation. Bob Beck said TIMMA can provide an update on both, possible May/June.


11.       Adjourn 3:30



Relevant documents such as resolutions, staff summaries, leases, subleases are available at the Treasure Island Development Authority Office, One Avenue of the Palms, Second Floor, Treasure Island, and the Government Information Center at the Main Library, 100 Larkin Street.  Public comment is taken on each item on the agenda.


If any materials related to an item on this agenda have been distributed to the TIDA Board of Directors after distribution of the agenda packet, those materials are available for public inspection at Treasure Island Development Authority, Building One, 2nd Floor, One  Ave. of Palms, San Francisco, CA 94130 during normal office hours.

Disability Access

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