Board of Directors - April 12, 2017 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
April 12, 2017 - 6:00pm




April 12, 2017 – 6:00PM


Danilov, 401 California Avenue

Treasure Island, San Francisco





1.         Call to Order 1:35



V. Fei Tsen, President           

Mark Dunlop, Secretary

Linda Fadeke Richardson

Larry Mazzola, Jr., VP



Jean-Paul Samaha

Sam Moss

Hon. Jane Kim (Ex-Officio)                         


2.         General Public Comment

Connor Talvet, Treasure Island Resident, requested a swimming pool for Treasure Island.

Sherry Williams, TIHDI, commented that the number one request from TI youth is a swimming pool. TIHDI will be honoring the TIDA Board on October 12th.

Nate Byerly announced opening the Treehouse Craft Distillery in June. It is located at the old firehouse.

Meesun Boice, TI Yacht Club, invited board members to the Yacht Club BBQ on Saturday night at 6pm.

3.         Report by Treasure Island Director

Robert Beck, Treasure Island Director, reported on development and operation issues on Treasure Island. The inaugural YBI Bioblitz was held April 5th. TIDA and SFPUC will be re-locating the on-Island EV charging stations to the parking lot at 9th Street and Avenue of Palms. On April 7th Treasure Island experienced several hours of low water pressure, though it was not a total loss of system pressure and it did not impact the potability of the water supply. The cause was a leak discovered in a construction area on-Island.  SFCTA is planning to open the Vista Point on Friday May 5th after which Caltrans is planning to open the bike path seven days a week although it will still close at night. TIDA is working on leases with TISC & TIE. Navy issued its Sixth FOST. SFPUC has hired a new Project Manager for the Waste Water Treatment Plant, Tom Birmingham. DPW is preparing map conditions for the Tentative Subdivision Maps for Yerba Buena Island based on comments from City Agencies. TICD is now holding on island community meetings each month to discuss construction activities with the next meeting held tomorrow April 13. TIDA will continue working with TIHDI and Local 261 to develop a pre-apprenticeship program that will utilize vacant structures as a training venue for deconstruction.

Justin Felicio, TI YMCA Director, commented on the YMCA’s Healthy Kids event at TI Gym on Saturday April 29th.

Meesun Boice provided an update on MerSea, the container restaurant at Avenue of Palms at 9th Street.


Director Richardson requested an update on affordable housing and replacement housing.

Director Dunlop expressed his excitement on the bike path opening daily and requested to have information posted for bicyclists on where food and services are located on TI.


Traci Traci asked why rollerskates are not allowed on the bike path.

Carol Harvey asked if there will be dedicated bike paths on YBI and TI.



There was no comment from Directors on Communications.

There was no public comment.



Director Richardson requested an update on housing.

Director Dunlop commented on a speeding problem on TI.

There was no public comment.




  1. Approving the Minutes of the March 8, 2017 Meeting
  2. Resolution Approving and Authorizing the Execution of a Second Amendment to Sublease No. 966 between the Treasure Island Development Authority and Community Housing Partnership, a California non-profit corporation, to (i) Remove and add units to the Initial Premises, (ii) increase the Common Area Maintenance Fee, and (iii) increase the Utilities Fee
  3. Resolution Approving and Authorizing the Execution of a Second Amendment to Sublease No. 965 between the Treasure Island Development Authority and Catholic Charities CYO of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, a California non-profit corporation, to increase the Common Area Maintenance Fee and Utility Fee
  4. Resolution Approving and Authorizing the Execution of a Second Amendment to Sublease No. 964 between the Treasure Island Development Authority and Swords to Plowshares, a California non-profit corporation, to increase the Common Area Maintenance Fee and Utility Fee
  5. Resolution Approving and Authorizing the Execution of a Second Amendment to Sublease No. 963 between the Treasure Island Development Authority and HealthRight 360, a California non-profit corporation, to increase the Common Area Maintenance Fee and Utility Fee
  6. Resolution Approving and Authorizing the Execution of a Second Amendment to Sublease and Property Management Agreement between the Treasure Island Development Authority and John Stewart Company, a California Corporation, to (i) remove properties from the Premises, (ii) increase the Common Area Maintenance Fee, and (iii) increase the Utility Fee


Director Mazzola called for Item 6b and 6f to be removed from the consent agenda and discussed. Director Mazzola requested clarification on the removal and addition of units from the leases discussed in these items. After discussion, the items were restored to the consent agenda.


There was no public comment.


Director Richardson moved the consent agenda.

Director Dunlop seconded the motion.

This item passed unanimously.


7.         Construction Update

            Joe Antonio provided an update on construction activities. Mr. Antonio discussed the construction schedule through 2019 including geotechnical mitigations, street improvements, parks and vertical improvements on Treasure Island, and water tanks, street improvements, the hilltop park, and vertical improvements on Yerba Buena Island. Mr. Antonio also reviewed traffic circulation during construction and construction monitoring and mitigations measures per CEQA.


            Director Tsen asked a question on phasing.

            Director Richardson asked about community outreach to the Job Corps.

            Director Mazzola asked about reclaimed water systems.

            Director Dunlop asked about dumping in bay and stormwater pollution.


            Carol Harvey commented on community meetings and outreach.

            Christoph Oppermann asked when Avenue of the Palms will be closing.

            Melonie Williams commented on construction job opportunities for island residents.


8.         TIHDI & Local 261 Pre-Apprentice Program

Alex Francois presented an overview on TIHDI’s construction jobs program. TIHDI’s Construction Job Program began in October 2015 and includes outreach, recruitment, orientation, assessment, job training, and CityBuild placement. TIHDI works with both agencies who are on the island and support island residents, as well as Citywide agencies. Since October 2015 over 200 have participated in job training programs and 33 have been placed in construction jobs. 11 have been hired for TI/YBI project positions and 22 have been hired offsite. Mr. Francois reviewed the TI Pre-apprenticeship program which is planned to begin in July 2017.


            Director Tsen commented on importance of the program.

            Director Richardson commented on funding.

            Director Mazzola asked about Local 261.

            Director Dunlop gave his appreciation.


            Melony Williams thanked Alex Francois and Sherry Williams.

            Becky Hogue commented on contacting unemployed residents.

            Jay Wallace, TIE, commented on TIHDI’s outstanding work.         


9.         Native Plants Nursery

Pamela Conrad, CMG, presented plans for the Native Plants Nursery for Yerba Buena Island. The goals of YBI Native Plant Salvage are to preserve the genetic diversity of YBI, increase the survival rate of the plantings, preserve plants and/or populations that are impacted by development, and to support the native wildlife of YBI. 88 species will be grown at the nursery. 34 species will be sourced from YBI and 54 will be sourced locally. The nursery is scheduled to be set up in May and is planned to foster over 73,000 plants for replanting on YBI.


            Director Dunlop asked about invasive plants and community engagement.            


10.       Resolution Approving and Authorizing the Execution of a Lease with Literacy for Environmental Justice, a California Non-Profit Corporation, for Approximately 15,000 Square Feet of Space Located Adjacent to Quarters 62, Yerba Buena Island

Peter Summerville presented the details of the lease with Literacy for Environmental Justice.


There was no public comment.


Director Richardson moved the consent agenda.

Director Dunlop seconded the motion.

This item passed unanimously.


11.       San Francisco Environment Annual Biodiversity Program Work Order

Peter Brastow, Department of Environment, provided an update on YBI Habitat Management and presented photos of YBI’s habitat. Mr. Brastow reviewed the successful YBI Bioblitz held on April 5th. 46 people participated, 301 species were observed, and 1153 observations were recorded. 


            Director Tsen commented on island youth involvement.

            Director Richardson requested to see the presentation photos on the TIDA website.          

            Director Dunlop asked if the Bioblitz will be yearly.


12.       The Villages at Treasure Island Subletting Outreach

Dan Stone, Villages at Treasure Island, presented on outreach to TI households regarding subletting. Over the next few months the Villages will be reaching out to their households to inform them subletting is not permitted.  The outreach will include direct US mail and flyers at prominent locations on Treasure Island.  The outreach will include community workshops to assist occupants with applying for residency within the Villages.  The workshops will be held Wednesday May 3rd and Saturday May 6th. 


13.       Arts Master Plan and Arts Steering Committee Formation

Jill Manton, SFAC, reviewed Arts Master Plan schedule and Steering Committee. The Steering Committee consists of five members, three will be appointed by the TIDA Director and two by the Arts Commission. It has been decided that the President and Director of the Arts Commission will serve initially.


Director Tsen commented that the Arts Master Plan is one of the best documents she has seen.

Director Richardson commented on the MOU.

Director Dunlop thanked Ms. Manton for work and outreach. 


14.       Discussion of Future Agenda Items by Directors

            There was no Discussion of Future Agenda Items by Directors.


15.       Adjourn 8:40



Relevant documents such as resolutions, staff summaries, leases, subleases are available at the Treasure Island Development Authority Office, One Avenue of the Palms, Second Floor, Treasure Island, and the Government Information Center at the Main Library, 100 Larkin Street.  Public comment is taken on each item on the agenda.


If any materials related to an item on this agenda have been distributed to the TIDA Board of Directors after distribution of the agenda packet, those materials are available for public inspection at Treasure Island Development Authority, Building One, 2nd Floor, One  Ave. of Palms, San Francisco, CA 94130 during normal office hours.

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