Film & Photo Production Use Permits

Treasure and Yerba Buena Islands offer a variety of location opportunities for motion picture and television productions, online content, commercial shoots, student projects and more. All film, photo and video production activities on TI/YBI (excluding individual hobbyists) require the applicable TIDA Film Permit or Photo Permit.

TIDA also offers office space, storage space, parking lots and open space rentals for local production office, parking, staging and storage needs.  All on-Island productions are encouraged to maximize use of green production techniques and efficient transportation practices.

Information and Inquiries:

Jack Nathanson, TIDA Film/Photo Permit Coordinator
Phone: (415) 274-0688
Contact the TIDA Film/Photo Permit Coordinator

Film & Photo Permit Guidelines and Applications:

Film & Photo Permit Rates:

  • Minor Still Photo Shoot: $500/day
  • Minor Film Shoot: $1,000/day
  • Major Film Shoot: $1,500/day

*Permit fee waivers for student projects are available.  Formal application and TIDA approval of student projects is still required prior to commencement of any on-Island student production activities.