TI Museum Lecture: "Art and Danger at the Fair: Diego Rivera Escapes to the GGIE"

Saturday, November 16, 2019 - 10:30am
1 Avenue of the Palms
Administration Building Lobby
San Francisco, CA 94130
United States

Treasure Island Museum presents "Art and Danger at the Fair: Diego Rivera Escapes to the GGIE"

Speaker: Will Maynez, historian and steward of the Pan American Unity mural.

Free to the public.

"Artists are imperiled by politics in more than a few countries today. And so it was back in 1940 for the Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. Both the Nazis and the communists were after him, and the FBI reported that he might be eliminated.  So Rivera eagerly accepted San Francisco architect Timothy Pflueger’s invitation to anchor the Art in Action program in the relative safety of the Golden Gate International Exposition. But after Leon Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico City, Diego packed two guns as he painted his mural masterpiece, Pan American Unity.   Now even Treasure Island's fairgrounds seemed treacherous."

These ongoing talks on the past, present and future of Treasure Island cover topics including Treasure and Yerba Buena Island history, San Francisco world’s fairs, naval history, current island activities and redevelopment, island sustainability, the Golden Gate International Exposition, and art and architecture on Treasure Island.