Affordable housing developer resources

This page is a resource for affordable housing developers.  TIDA will meet with individual affordable housing development teams at the beginning of the design process to review all relevant requirements for affordable housing developments on TI.

This page provides links to the established and approved documents governing design and construction of affordable housing on Treasure Island.  These documents contain both administrative and technical requirements.  The most relevant of these precedent documents are listed here for ease of use and convenience, but you must note that this is not a comprehensive list of every requirement. 

Administrative requirements for affordable housing:

The Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) (including all document appendices) between the master developer, Treasure Island Community Development LLC (TICD) and the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) governs the rights to develop and requirements for development. 

The Development Agreement (DA) between the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) and the master developer, TICD.  This document does not provide guidance for individual parcels or affordable housing development. 

Technical requirements for affordable housing:

The Design for Development (D4D) is the primary guiding document detailing design and planning parameters. 

The Streetscape Master Plan further develops sidewalk and site parameters. 

The Soil and Groundwater Management Plan (SGMP) dictates procedures that must be followed during construction. 

The TI Subdivision Regulations and the DDA’s Appendix CC, Design Review and Document Approval Procedure outline the conceptual plan, the design document approval process, and mapping requirements.

LEED: Treasure Island as a whole has been designated LEED-ND Platinum however individual affordable developments are subject to standard tax credit requirements only which accommodate Green Point Rating provisions.

Governing plans and documents index:

View a full index of the affordable housing plans and documents

View and download the following documents here:

  • Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) – Certified April 21, 2011
  • Treasure Island/Yerba Buena Island Design for Development (D4D)
  • Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island Streetscape Master Plan
  • Treasure Island Major Phase 1 Application
  • Sub-phase Application 2 Treasure Island, Sub-phases 1B, 1C and 1E
  • Sub-phase Application 2 Street Improvement Plans dated 10/15/2018
  • Sub-phase Application 3 Treasure Island, Sub-phases 1A, 1D, 1F, 1G, 1H, and 1I

View and download all remaining documents here:

  • Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) – June 2011 and relevant DDA Exhibits
  • Subdivision Regulations for TI/YBI adopted by DPW Order on 12/21/2016
  • Conditions of Approval for Subdivision Mapping for master developer for reference
  • Soil and Groundwater Master Plan (SGMP)
  • Basis of Design (complete for Sub-phase 3) and in BKF Memoranda for Sub-phases 1 and 2
  • Master Utility Plans (MUPs) - approved by SFPUC 12/15/2016
  • Geotechnical Characterization Report Sub-Phases 1B, 1C, and 1E 12-22-2015
  • Geotechnical Mitigation Plan Set dated 05/16/2016
  • LEED-ND checklist
  • LEED-ND specifications - for reference (not an obligation)
  • LEED-ND specifications annotated
  • Public Improvement Agreement (PIA) - Final