Contacting Your Treasure Island Residential Property Manager

Treasure Island residents should contact their residential property manager ASAP to report damage or problems within their unit or residential building, including but not limited to:

  • roof, ceiling and window leaks
  • malfunctioning doors, locks and windows
  • malfunctioning electrical sockets or malfunctioning in-unit or in-building appliances (i.e. wall heater, refridgerator, stove, common area washer/dryers)
  • malfunctioning kitchen and bath fixtures (sinks, showers, bath tubs)
  • request an "up-size" of your unit's Recology recycling or compst/green waste containers
  • problems with your unit's electricity, water or gas service not related to a larger on-Island utility outage which may be taking place at that time

Residential Property Manager Contacts by Housing Portfolio:

The Villages at Treasure Island:

  • Business Hours (Mon thru Fri, 8am to 5pm) - 415-834-0211.
  • After Hours (Mon thru Fri, 5pm - 8am and Weekends) 415-445-2184.

Catholic Charities of San Francisco - TI Supportive Housing:

415-354-0144 (24x7)

Community Housing Partnership - Island Bay Homes:

415-354-0144 (24x7)

Healthright 360:

415-517-3039 (24x7)

Community Housing Partnership - Villages (formerly Rubicon Villages):

415-677-2282 (24x7)

Swords to Plowshares:

415-834-0341 (24x7)