Contacting Your Residential Property Manager

Residents are to contact their residential property manager ASAP to report damage or problems within their unit or residential building, including but not limited to:

  • roof, ceiling and window leaks
  • malfunctioning doors, locks and windows
  • malfunctioning electrical sockets or malfunctioning in-unit or in-building appliances (i.e. wall heater, refridgerator, stove, common area washer/dryers)
  • malfunctioning kitchen and bath fixtures (sinks, showers, bath tubs)
  • problems with your unit's electricity, water or gas service not related to a larger on-Island utility outage which may be taking place at that time

Residential Property Manager Contacts by Portfolio:

The Villages at Treasure Island:

  • Business Hours (Mon thru Fri, 8am to 5pm) - 415-834-0211.
  • After Hours (Mon thru Fri, 5pm - 8am and Weekends) 415-445-2184.

Catholic Charities of San Francisco:

415-354-0144 (24x7)

Community Housing Partnership - Island Bay Homes:

415-354-0144 (24x7)

Healthright 360:

415-517-3039 (24x7)

Community Housing Partnership - Villages:

415-677-2282 (24x7)

Swords to Plowshares:

415-834-0341 (24x7)