TIDA Staff Directory:

Name Position Email Address Phone
Bob Beck Treasure Island Director 415-274-0662
Kate Austin TIDA Board/ITC/CAB Secretary; Asst. to TI Director 415-274-0646
Liz Hirschhorn Assistant Development Program Manager 415-274-0315
Nikki Ivey Administrative Analyst 415-274-0648
Loraine Lee Asst. to Deputy Director-Real Estate 415-274-0300
Jack Nathanson Special Events/Film & Photo Locations Manager 415-274-0688
Richard Rovetti Deputy Director - Real Estate 415-274-3365
Mirian Saez Director of Island Operations 415-274-0669
Peter Summerville Administrative Analyst 415-274-0665
Wei Zhang Development Project Manager 415-274-0675


Link to information on how to contact the TIDA Board of Directors

Link to information on how to submit a records request to TIDA

Link to information on reporting on-Island emergencies and utility service issues