Yerba Buena Island Construction Phase 1 Impacts

ALERT:  Treasure Island Causeway traffic shift and landside closure of YBI Q-10 Park and Clipper Cove Beach now in effect

Full information about this traffic shift and closures

Information about development-construction traffic circulation changes on Treasure Island

Detours, street closures and traffic circulation changes:

  • New stop signs on Treasure Island Road in both the inbound and outbound direction at the Macalla Road intersection. View diagram of new stop sign location. 
  • Intersection of Macalla Road and Treasure Island Road is a three-way controlled stop for all vehicles and bicycles travelling along Treasure Island Road, and for all vehicles turning into or off of Macalla Road.
  • Vehicles exiting the I-80 Freeway West Bound ramp now turn right onto Macalla Road for Treasure Island destinations. View diagram of traffic circulation. 
  • Vehicles exiting the I-80 Freeway West Bound ramp now turn left to access Northgate Road and Coast Guard facilities.
  • Former Forest Road detour road is closed to public traffic.
  • Vehicles traveling from Treasure Island to San Francisco can access the new I-80 West Bound ramp via Macalla Road or on the historic access I-80 West Bound Ramp via Treasure Island Road.
  • Quarters 10 Park and Clipper Cove Beach are closed to landside public access.  The Beach remains accessible to boaters anchored in Clipper Cove and for Treasure Island Sailing Center programs and classes.
  • Route for all vehicles to East Bay from Treasure Island via Hillcrest Road remains unchanged. 
  • No regular impact to the Bay Bridge YBI on-ramps and off-ramps.
  • All other currently open YBI streets will remain open.
  • The SFMTA MUNI-25 outbound stop at Treasure Island Road/Clipper Cove Way is temporarily discontinued.

For ongoing motorist and cyclist awareness:

  • Motorists and cyclists should expect increase in two-way traffic and heavy equipment construction traffic along Treasure Island Road, Macalla Road and along Hillcrest Road.
  • Motorists should expect construction vehicles entering and exiting the roadway at the Treasure Island Road and Macalla Road intersection.
  • Cyclists and pedestrians are prohibited on Macalla Road.
  • Cyclists and vehicles will share the road through the impacted areas along Hillcrest Road and Treasure Island Road.
  • No impact to the Treasure Island Road/Hillcrest Road connection between Treasure Island and the Bay Bridge pedestrian/bicycle path trailhead and YBI Vista Point.
  • No regular impact to the MUNI-25 Treasure Island bus route.

Please drive safely on-Island at all times.  Motorists and cyclists are reminded to Share the Road in the impacted areas!