Construction Noise Reduction Program & Reporting Noise Concerns

Please call the Treasure Island Development Authority's Noise Disturbance Coordinator for any questions or concerns related to noise generated by Treasure Island/Yerba Buena Island development construction activities.

Wei Zhang, PE
TIDA Noise Disturbance Coordinator
(415) 274-0675

Development Construction Noise Reduction

For all development construction contract agreements, the following noise reduction practices will be incorporated for the contractor’s implementation:

  • Provide enclosures and mufflers for stationary equipment, shroud or shield impact tools and install barriers around particularly noisy activities at the construction sites so that the line of sight between the construction activities and nearby sensitive receptor locations is blocked;
  • Use construction equipment with lower noise emission ratings whenever feasible, particularly for air compressors;
  • Provide sound-control devices on equipment no less effective than those provided by the manufacturer;
  • Locate stationary equipment, material stockpiles and vehicle staging areas as far as practicable from sensitive receptor locations;
  • Prohibit unnecessary idling of internal combustion engines;
  • Require applicable construction related vehicles and equipment to use designated truck routes to access the project sites;
  • Implement noise attenuation measures to the extent feasible which may include but are not limited to noise barriers or noise blankets.  The placement of such attenuation measures shall be reviewed and approved the Director of Public Works prior to issuance of development permits for  construction activities; and
  • Designate a Noise Disturbance Coordinator who shall be responsible for responding to complaints about noise during construction.