Citizen's Advisory Board - October 6, 2015 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
October 6, 2015 - 6:00pm
Room 421

Treasure Island /Yerba Buena Island

Citizens Advisory Board

Draft Minutes

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

San Francisco City Hall, Rm 421

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco, CA 94102



  1. Roll Call

Natalie Bonnewit, Nathan Brennan, George Brown, Mark Connors, Mike DeLane, Joanne Desmond, Heather Gallagher, Jorge Garcia, Chrysanthe Gussis, Liz Hirschhorn, Becky Hogue, Kevin Holl, Karen Knowles-Pearce, Tim Molinare, Atta Pilram


  1. Approval of September 1, 2015 CAB Minutes (Action Item)

One change Comment: #8 – the lack of information posted online was also brought up. The minutes were approved.


III. TIDA Staff Updates


  1. Treasure Island Development Authority Board

Dragon Boat Festival was last week and the music festival is coming up. Music Festival and Flea Market will be able to continue in 2016. Dragon Boat Festival is looking at other venues for 2016. OracleWorld is concerned about island access and may be moving to another venue.


  1. Legislative

Assembly Bill 2 was passed and signed by the Governor. Still trying to assess what flexibility this might give us to help increase the affordable housing above 25%. This may have spillover benefits for this project as well. Will have more of an update next month. Note: That the original percentage was 30% with some interim reductions.


  1. Development Schedule

This Thursday, the demolition package is being put out for bids. Hope to start work before end of November. Working with city agencies to resolve comments for Sub-phase Applications. At this point the approval becomes an executive approval action instead of TIDA. Late this month or early next month will be the request for the first land transfer. Expecting to get the first land trust exchange back from the state.


  1. Navy Environmental Program

Thank you to Nathan for his detailed notes included here:

Fieldwork continues in Site 12, the housing area. Navy contractor is finishing up along North Point and has started on the Westside Solids Waste Disposal Area (SWDA). The third area is Bayside SWDA.


The clean up is for low level radiation, and any munitions scrap.  All soil is scanned, any items found are removed, and contaminated soil is prepared for disposal. Areas are backfilled with clean soil.  Building 1235 will be demoed in the future to allow clean up. 


More data will be collected on YBI fuel tank clean up along Clipper Cove shore, site YF3. This will address issues raised by the Water Board.


The sewers and storm drains around and connected to Building 233 (the radiation training building that has been demoed and disposed of) are being tested for contamination and removed as necessary.


State confirming samples for Bldg 233 are all good and the State should give the site a "free release".  Free Release is a full clearance for any reuse and it is the goal for all radiation-impacted sites on Treasure Island.  No radiation impact has been found, or is expected to be found, on Yerba Buena Island.


Regulators for the final clean up plan are reviewing the old dry cleaner’s site 24, Bldg 99. This site made good progress with a "pumped" bio-remediation.


Year 2015 ended September 30 and the Navy 's TI environmental clean up work totaled $30 million, this was higher than budgeted, but the Navy allowed internal transfers to continue priority work. .


Navy received funding for 2016 for:

1- Haliburton Court final PCB cleanup, remove four buildings to remove contaminated soil underneath.

2- There will also be 20 locations, "smaller" 5 X % or 110 X 10 "deminimus digs". 

3- Gateview removals of buildings 1311, 1313, and 1325 so TPH (petroleum) contamination can be removed. The petroleum under ground on this site has created conditions that allow naturally occurring Arsenic to become bio-available, and therefore a threat to sea life.


One big impact on the RAB by the TI redevelopment in 2016 will be the demolition of the "Casa", the IT RAB meetings have been held there for decades.


1311-1313 – Has 8 units with residents who will need to be relocated in January to facilitate cleanup efforts. They will be getting notices soon.



IV. Marina Plan & Sailing Center Update

See presentation for full details.

Hoped to have any outstanding issues resolved, but that was optimistic. Hope to have it finalized by December.  There have been good meetings with the Sailing Center. Hope to resolve issues sooner than December. 400 slip Marina. The plan has remained very similar for many years. Most recently the Sailing Center said they were looking for more space to do their work. At that time the transient dock was removed and combined with the wave attenuator. That made it too long. Additional design changes were made to accommodate those requests. Since then a new request for more safety distance separation. As of today, the marina has moved as far to the west as is possible. The length of the transient dock has been shortened.


Questions: Are there limitations now on what kind of boats (size, depth) can use Clipper Cove? No. Small and large boats can still use the Marina. What about dredging the channel? Yes, there will have to be maintenance dredging. It was stated previously that these changes would make it impossible for the Dragon Boats to use the marina. Is this still true? Will there be any legal actions resulting? This was a temporary/interim use that was able to be accommodated for a number of years, but it’s a TIDA decision about what programs go on there.

Comment: The width of the attenuator is somewhere around 400 feet. This will be a problem when boats are moored only by one point; they are affected by the tides and therefore will swing dramatically. This will greatly limit the number of boats that can be safely moored or anchored overnight safely. It is very disappointing that a member of the boating public was not included in this design. This significantly reduces the capacity for anchorage or buoys in the space.

This is a public waterway with public use of this area of water for anchoring. Jay believes there will be front and back buoy systems for securing. There has not been a lot of detailed analysis about the capacity for single vs. double tie buoy. 


Public Comment:

This is very good for the sailing center and can be very good for the marina. Can the transient dock be rotated? There are not really tides, but there is a lot of wind, so more thought needs to go into how to make the transient dock actually functional. On the windward side, boats may be pegged onto the side of the dock and make it hard to get off. The transient dock is wasted space. Answer: the angle on the transient dock is designed to protect from the southeast. There is belief that protection will still be provided by a transient dock without the big angle cutting into the useable space.


Part 2 – Presentation from the Treasure Island Sailing Center

See presentation for full details.

Mostly TISC needs 1600ft in diameter of wind ‘protected’ space for people to learn how to tack.


Questions from the CAB; Concerns about safety with having kids learning in that area and being in the traffic. Answer: There will be a channel for entering which does not currently exist. Also, could it be possible to flip the marina with the sailing center, to give the sailing center the more inland and protected area? It would work on the water, but the sailing center on-land facilities are on the eastern side and it’s not likely that their footprint could be relocated. Question for Bob: Are there any specifics in the guiding documents that indicate a percentage of programming that must be preserved? If this development is made and some of the sailing learning programs had to be cut or limited? Answer: further research would need to be done to find out those details. Questions: What can the next steps be given that there are still unresolved issues? Yes, a sub-committee can be formed to discuss.


V. Sub-Phase Design Updates – Schedule for Approval

This was mistakenly put on as an action item, but should really have been an informational item.

Julian Pancose from TICD.

See presentation for full details.

We are revisiting intersections as part of Phase 1. In order to shorten response times, a emergency use traffic light will be put in place on YBI to enable Fire Department and emergency access on that road which will otherwise be one-way. There was a big call to separate pedestrian and bike traffic, so a bike ‘jughandle’ has been inserted. Additional turn barriers added and a left-turn pocket added. In addition, there will be a raised area with a difference surface treatment on the windrow streets between the multi-use throughways. Trees have been removed along California Avenue. There are still some along the park, but this helps make the sidewalks wider at the kiss-n-ride area.  A few places to accommodate street width for emergency services but still maintain a separation for bike lanes, small raised ‘mountable’ curbs have been incorporated.


Part 2 – Dog Park Concept Design

See presentation for full details.

Comments from the CAB: Still concerned about Palm & California. Why is there such resistance to putting in a signal there? Answer: it has been the subject of much debate. There are concerns that at certain times, it would be only pedestrian and bike and at other times it might be only vehicle. The hope is that this will facilitate a more even flow and sharing of the crossway. Conversations continue.

Comment: It would be crazy for anyone to come Macalla and think they aren’t going to have to stop at the bottom. It is great to see the signal for emergency and also the wider streets for responses.   


VI. May 2015 Geotechnical Update - Vibro-Compaction Test Results & Lesson

See presentation for full details.

This is an update after there were recent compaction tests for geotechnical improvements. Drone footage of compaction tests. Also data from the vibration and noise monitoring during the compaction came in at without acceptable thresholds. The conclusion is that this equipment is sufficient. It exceeded expectations.


VII. Reinstatement of Kevin Holl (Action Item) –5 minutes

Kevin Holl was reinstated to the CAB.


VIII. Future Agenda Items - 5 min

As long as we can have a quorum, we will have our November meeting on Election Day. Could not find a room for another date.

Let’s discuss empty seats on the CAB.

Mike Delane would like to be reinstated next month.

Possibly have life-learning academy come and do a presentation in the near future.


IX. Announcements from Board members

Hosting a poster session about PUC. Hoping to have a meeting in January or early next year on the island.

Heather shared that this Sunday is the Burning Man Decompression: Heat the Street Faire in the Dogpatch neighborhood.  From Noon until midnight you can get a little taste of Burning Man at the best street fair in the city.

She distributed Burning Man calendars for the CAB.

Bliss Dance has another younger sister, Revolution by the same artist, Marco Cochrane. 90 feet tall and see breathes!

TIDHI Auction is coming soon and might be the last one this year.