Bliss Dance Weatherproofing Project

"Bliss Dance" is a forty-foot tall sculpture by local artist Marco Cochrane that has graced Treasure Island's Great Lawn since 2011.  Displayed under a Use Permit between TIDA, the artist, and the Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF), Bliss Dance has inspired countless residents and visitors to the Island alike with it's grace and beauty. 

Thanks to donations from a recently completed fundraising effort, the artist will be weatherproofing Bliss Dance and improving the work's interior lighting system in early 2013.  Weatherproofing work on a  majority of the sculpture will be performed in-place at The Great Lawn.  Such  work is necessary due to rust brought on by Bliss Dance's consistent exposure to the elements.  Check back in the coming months for updates and pictures on the project.

The Bliss Dance sculpture can be found at The Great Lawn, located along Avenue of Palms on the western shoreline of Treasure Island. 

Click here for more information about "Bliss Dance" and artist Marco Cochrane. 

Bliss Dance image