Yerba Buena Island Public Stewardship Program Returns for 2019!

Offering monthly Volunteer Days and special opportunities for groups!

The Yerba Buena Island Public Stewardship Program Volunteer Days have returned for 2019! 

The YBI Public Stewardship Program, established by Treasure Island Development Authority and SF Environment, offers individuals and groups interested in volunteerism and community service an opportunity to perform hands-on volunteer stewardship and maintenance of Yerba Buena Island’s beautiful natural areas, just minutes from downtown San Francisco! 

TIDA/SFE host monthly Volunteer Days on the third Wednesday of each month from 1 to 3 PM.  The Volunteer Days take place at a variety of on-Island locations throughout the year, offering participants the opportunity to enhance and improve YBI’s natural areas and habitat though planting native species, removing invasive plants, restoring native plant habit, and performing Clipper Cove Beach litter cleanup. 

Our stewardship activities are suitable for all ages and abilities, and both individual drop-ins and organized groups are welcomed and encouraged!  A copy of the 2019 Public Stewardship Program flyer is attached to this email, and full information on Yerba Buena Island and the opportunities offered by the Stewardship Program is also found at:

While the majority of the opportunities offered by the Stewardship Program take place during the third Wednesday Volunteer Days, with advance planning, TIDA/SFE is also able to host focused Stewardship-specific events for corporate groups, non-profits and school groups of appropriate size on other days.

For additional information or to explore opportunities for your company or group, please contact Peter Summerville of TIDA staff at 415-274-0665 or via email to

Two volunteers removing invasive species on YBIGoup picture of YBI volunteer work partyVolunteers installing native plants on YBIImage of volunteers during Clipper Cove Beach Cleanup