Yerba Buena Island Hosts 3rd Annual YBI Bioblitz

2019 Bioblitzers identify more than 240 species

On Wednesday April 10th approximately 25 citizen-scientist volunteers conducted the third annual Yerba Buena Island (YBI) Bioblitz, utilizing California Academy of Science’s iNaturalist app to document observable flora and fauna (native and non-native) on YBI that day.  Participants included members of the public, local ecologists, staff from TIDA, SF Environment and Cal Academy of Sciences, and representatives from the National Park Service, Literacy for Environmental Justice, Treasure Island Museum and CMG Landscape Architecture.  A bioblitz is an intensive, short study of biodiversity in a specific location during a specific timeframe, normally on a single day over the course of several hours.  A bioblitz does not represent a complete accounting of all species likely in existence at any location.

Image of the YBI Bioblitz 2019 sign-in tableImage of a man participating in the 2019 YBI Bioblitz

The 2019 "YBI Bioblitzers" were assigned to various sites on Yerba Buena Island including Clipper Cove Beach and Quarters 10 Park, the western oak woodlands, the Historic Officers District and areas off Hillcrest Road to look for birds, mammals, sand dollars, jellyfish, wildflowers, butterflies, insects, anything that they could observe.  Additional Bioblitzers captured observations along the southern shoreline of Treasure Island at Clipper Cove.  The Bioblitzers photographed what they found and uploaded the images and observational data through California Academy of Science’s iNaturalist app.  At the end of the morning, Bioblitzers were treated to cookies baked by students of Treasure Island's Life Learning Academy High School.

The Bioblitzers observational data was assembled through the iNaturalist platform into a geolocated "day-of" snapshot of the all the species observed.  2019 YBI Bioblitz data can be found at the link below.  An overview of the species level data collected during the 2019 YBI Bioblitz includes:

  • 145 species of plants
  • 31 species of insects
  • 21 species of birds
  • 14 species of fungi
  • 13 species of mollusks
  • 5 species of mammals

Link to 2019 YBI Bioblitz data at

The YBI Bioblitz, a component of the the Yerba Buena Island Stewardship Program, is presented annually by TIDA, SF Environment and Cal Academy of Sciences.

Link to more information about the Yerba Buena Island Stewardship Program:

Image of 2019 YBI Bioblitz participants reviewing observation data