Treasure Island Remains Open for Business During Construction

Treasure Island Community Development (TICD) construction activities along Treasure Island Road, around the Treasure Island Administration Building and along the Island's southern and western waterfronts are now underway.  Implementation of the public parking area closures, on-Island street closures and changes in traffic circulation on Treasure Island Road, Avenue of Palms and California Ave associated with Phase 1 construction activities are now complete.

Island Businesses Remain Open:

All on-Island businesses remain open during construction activity, with certain businesses that formerly operated around the Treasure Island Front Gate now occupying new on-Island locations.  Those businesses are:

  • Island Market Deli (previously at the Treasure Island Front Gate) - Now located on the southern exterior of the Administration Building (customer parking in the main Administration BUilding parking lot)
  • Mateo's Hot Dogs (previously on the western end of Treasure Island Road outside the Front Gate) - Now located at the corner of California Avenue and Avenue D
  • Tammy's Chicken In Waffles (previously at Avenue of Palms and California Avenue) - Now located on Avenue D between California Avenue and Clipper Cove Way)

Click here to view a full list of Treasure Island businesses and attractions.

New "San Francisco Vista Point" Location Established for Visitors, Amateur Photographers and Sightseers:

Because the Front Gate visitor area is now closed to the public, TIDA has opened a new San Francisco Vista Point public space at the western end of 9th Street on Treasure Island's western shoreline.  The San Francisco Vista Point offers a welcoming location for visitors, tours and charters to stop, disembark and walk around, take pictures and enjoy the views of San Francisco Bay and of the downtown San Francisco skyline that Treasure Island affords.  As there is no longer parking and public shoreline access around the Treasure Island Administration Building and Treasure Island Front Gate, all visitors are now directed to the San Francisco Vista Point.

  • San Francisco Vista Point - 9th Street at Avenue of Palms (follow on-Island wayfinding signage with a "camera" icon.  Park in the designated vehicle and tour bus parking areas east of Mersea Restaurant)

Road Closures, Detours and Traffic Impacts:

Construction activitites require the closure of certain on-Island streets and realignment of traffic lanes, pedestrian access points and on-Island traffic circulation.  The below traffic circulation changes and street closures are currently in effect:

  • Avenue of the Palms permanently closed to north-south vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist traffic between California Ave. and 9th St.
  • Both inbound and outbound vehicle traffic traveling on the west side of the Causeway between Macalla Rd. and California Ave.
  • All local north-south Island traffic between California Ave. and 9th St. traveling along Avenue H, Avenue M, and Avenue N.
  • Cyclists and vehicles SHARE THE ROAD through the impacted areas on Treasure Island Road, Avenue of the Palms and California Ave.
  • Clipper Cove Beach public access remains open via a connecting path between the Treasure Island Administration Building parking lot and the YBI Quarters 10 Park/Clipper Cove Beach parking lot.  There is currently no on-site public parking at YBI Quarters 10 Park/Clipper Cove Beach.

Recently installed wayfinding signage along California Avenue, Avenue H and 9th Streets guides visitors towards on-Island restaurants, community serving facilities, and the new San Francisco Vista Point.

Please remember to drive safely at all times on-Island, and to share the road with pedestrians and cyclists.