TICD Clipper Cove Way Pedestrian Improvements Begin July 8th

Work includes re-opening of MUNI-25 stops at Administration Building

On Monday July 8th, 2019, Treasure Island Community Development LLC (TICD) began work on Clipper Cove Way to realign the intersections with Treasure Island Road and Avenue D, complete pedestrian improvements and re-open MUNI 25-Treasure Island bus stops at the Administration Building. The Island community should expect the following:

Beginning Monday July 8th, 2019:

  • Construction personnel, vehicles and equipment and installation of road and crosswalk striping along Treasure Island Road, Clipper Cove Way and Avenue D.
  • One-way traffic control with flaggers along Treasure Island Road, Clipper Cove Way and Avenue D dur-ing the work day. There will be no work on weekends.

At the completion of the work:

  • Completion and opening of the pedestrian walkway along Clipper Cove Way between Avenue D and the Causeway pedestrian path to Yerba Buena Island Quarters 10 Park.
  • Slight realignment of both inbound and outbound vehicle and cyclist traffic along Clipper Cove Way and along Treasure Island Road.
  • Modification to the existing intersection of Clipper Cove Way and Avenue D to allow for vehicles with a wider turning radius.
  • The Treasure Island Administration Building parking lot will remain accessible to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists at the Clipper Cove Way and Treasure Island Road intersection.
  • All other on-Island streets and intersections will remain open.

Re-opening of MUNI 25-Treasure Island bus stops:

As part of this work, MUNI-25 bus stops will re-open on Clipper Cove Way and Treasure Island Road for both inbound and outbound service in August. The re-opening of these bus stops will occur after MUNI route operations review and approval of the proposed stop designs and locations. A separate advisory will be issued once the date for re-opening the stops is established.