Revised Clipper Cove Rules and Regulations Take Effect October 1, 2019

Revisions approved at September 11, 2019 TIDA Board Meeting

At it's September 11, 2019 meeting, the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) Board of Directors approved revisions to the Clipper Cove Rules and Regulations which shall now take effect as of October 1, 2019.  The revisions are as follows and are all found within the document's Section III – “Standards and Requirements for All Vessels”:

  • Adding Section III.A.21 - Requiring exterior anchorage lighting for all vessels anchored in Clipper Cove between sundown and sun-up
  • Adding Section III.A.22 - Prohibiting vessel loading and unloading on the Treasure Island rip-rap within Clipper Cove
  • Revising Section III.A.18 to change assignment of operational responsibility for environmental monitoring buoys inside Clipper Cove from Caltrans to TIDA

All other parts of the Clipper Cove Rules and Regulations will remain unchanged.

View and download a mark-up version showing the new revisions taking effect October 1, 2019

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