TIDA Communication on PG&E PSPS Program and TI/YBI Impacts

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To the Treasure/Yerba Buena Islands community:

As you may already be aware, PG&E has implemented Public Safety Power Shutdown (PSPS) procedures under which it may proactively de-energize electrical transmission in areas identified as being under threat of wildfire due to high winds or other environmental conditions. 

PG&E warns that under its PSPS program electricity may be shut off several times a year, outages may last more than 48 hours, and any of the PG&E’s 16 million customers may be affected, including the City and County of San Francisco and infrastructure at the Port of Oakland which provides primary electrical transmission service to Treasure and Yerba Buena Islands (TI/YBI). 

In the event of a PSPS at the Port of Oakland facility, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) will activate the two primary on-Island master generators to maintain electrical service for the TI/YBI Electrical Distribution System.  Activation and deactivation of generator service will require short-term all-Island outages of approximately one hour each.  PG&E has stated that they intent to provide 48 hours advance notice of potential PSPS actions.  This will allow us to notify the Island community of potential outages and schedule the generator activation. 

The Department of Emergency Management’s ‘AlertSF’ public messaging system will issue public information and Alerts ahead of any PG&E PSPS activities affecting either TI/YBI or the City of San Francisco overall, including information regarding the timing of the short-term on-Island outages for generator activation.

The on-Island generators were most recently activated on August 17th, 2019 and powered TI/YBI for approximately 20 hours during de-energization of the transmission cable in Oakland.  This August action provided SFPUC a vital opportunity to exercise, and further refine, operational and logistical functions associated with on-Island generator activation.

While the City, TIDA and SFPUC are unable to control PG&Es decisions around potential PSPS activity and timing, we wish to share the attached resources that the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management (SFDEM) has developed for San Francisco residents and businesses in order to help ongoing community planning and preparedness for impacts caused by potential PG&E PSPS activity.  We hope these resources will be helpful to you in furthering your personal, household or business continuity and preparedness planning.


Robert Beck, Treasure Island Director 

Resources and information for residents:

Preparing yourself and your household for an extended electric outage can also help prepare you for other emergencies, including earthquakes.   Following simple tips will help you ensure you care for yourself, your loved ones and your neighbors, including:

  • Sign up for AlertSF by texting your “94130” (the TI/YBI zip code) to 888-777 or by visiting www.alertsf.org.   AlertSF will send you alerts and instructions specific to Treasure Island during power outages and other emergencies.
  • Review your personal and household preparedness.  Visit https://www.sf72.org/ for information on personal preparedness planning, creating an emergency kit and more.
  • Keep a flashlight with extra, fresh batteries. Avoid using candles due to the risk of fire.
  • Stock up on non­perishable food and make sure you have a manual can opener.
  • Store water-filled plastic containers in your freezer to use as blocks of ice to prevent food from spoiling.
  • Keep your mobile phone charged as much as possible and consider getting back up batteries and/or portable phone chargers. Also, keep important phone numbers written down and handy (e.g., doctor, family, friends, or anyone you may need to call)

For more information from SF DEM on how San Francisco residents can prepare for, and manage through, an electrical outage, visit: https://www.sf72.org/hazard/electric-outages

Resources and information for businesses:

Preparing your business for an extended electric outage through business continuity planning can help you minimize impacts to your customers, employees and facilities, as well as help minimize impacts to your bottom line. The Ready Business Program offers information to complete continuity planning, including resources from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Business Continuity Plan website.  For further information and resources on business continuity planning and disaster preparedness, visit the following sites:

Download the Ready.Gov Business Power Outage Toolkit:


City of San Francisco Business Portal – Managing a Disaster website:


Ready.Gov Business Continuity Planning website: https://www.ready.gov/business/implementation/continuity

Treasure Island businesses are also encouraged to Sign up for AlertSF by texting your “94130” (the TI/YBI zip code) to 888-777 or by visiting www.alertsf.org.   AlertSF will send you alerts and instructions during power outages and other emergencies