Economic Development Conveyance Memorandum of Agreement between TIDA and the US Navy - July, 2014

View the Economic Development Conveyance Memorandum of Agreement (PDF) (Note: File size approx 15.4 MB)

View EDC MOA Exhibit A: Definitions (PDF)

Exhibit B: Description of Property

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View Exhibit D: Form of Quitclaim Deed (PDF)
View Exhibit E: Form of Utilities Agreement (PDF)
View Exibit F: Marina Property (PDF)
View Exhibit G: NEPA Record of Decision (PDF)

Exhibit H: Form of Bills of Sale:

Exhibit I: Easements, Contracts, Licenses and Permits:

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Exhibit K: Navy Caretaker Site Office

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View Exhibit M: Short Form Notice of Conveyance (PDF)

Exhibit N: Form of Representations

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View Exhibit P: Certification Resolutions (PDF)

Exhibit Q: Historic MOAs

View Exhibit R: Property Conveyance Schedule (PDF)

Exhibit S: Auction Bidder Selection Guidelines

View Exhibit T: Preliminary Title Report (PDF)
View Exhibit U: Title Exceptions to be Removed, Released or Insured (PDF)
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Exhibit X: Appraisal Instructions

View Exhibit Y: Qualified Appraiser Pool (PDF)

Exhibit Z: Land Use Plans

View Exhibit AA: Economic Development Conveyance Application (PDF)
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View Exhibit DD: IRR Calculation Methodology (PDF)
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View Exhibit FF: Guidelines for Residential Auction Lot Selection (PDF)
View Exhibit GG: Pre-approved Arbiters List (PDF)
View Exhibit HH: Promissory Note for Initial Consideration (PDF)
View Exhibit II: Form of Assignment of Rents (PDF)
View Exhibit JJ: Form of Subordinate Pledge Agreement (PDF)
View Exhiibt KK: Example of Pre-Development Costs Calculation (PDF)
View Exhibit LL: List of Master Leases (PDF)

Exhibit MM: Utilities Easement Areas