Sustainable Design at its Best

YBI hillside It is the project’s comprehensive approach to sustainability – environmental, economic and social equity – rather than a focus on any specific component, that makes Treasure Island a demonstration project for how our communities can accommodate growth in an environmentally and economically responsible and equitable way. A Sustainability Plan was developed specifically for the project, which outlines the following project vision and guiding principles:

Diverse Community

The concept of community is that of a wonderfully diverse group of people working together to live healthy, fulfilling and dignified lives. By achieving equity in access to community facilities, services and environmental quality, the TI/YBI Project will foster human potential and self-reliance.

YBI hawk

Thriving Ecosystems

Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island are inextricably linked to their surrounding ecosystem—the San Francisco Bay. The sensitivity of this connection is paramount. The TI/YBI Project will minimize its environmental impact and create new naturalistic habitats and eco-corridors on the islands and protect and restore naturally occurring habitats on Yerba Buena Island.



Healthy Neighborhoods

Individual and community health is affected by the quality of the built environment. Clean air and clean water will be enhanced by a development that privileges bikeability and walkability, preserves open space, fosters local organic agriculture and strategically locates higher density, mixed-use development adjacent to transit centers.

Affordable Solutions

The City and TICD recognizes the importance of partnership between public and private investment in establishing a development that is affordable, contributes to the YBI trees economy of the City and creates a mixed-income community that promotes social justice and encourages local businesses to thrive.

Global Responsibility

The TI/YBI Project recognizes and embraces its regional significance and global interconnectivity with the global community. The TI/YBI Project will assess and monitor its carbon footprint in line with internationally accepted protocols.

YBI butterflyIntegrated Design and Lasting Beauty

The life of the built environment at Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island will be measured over generations, not decades. By creating beautiful, intelligent, adaptable and easily maintained systems that ensure continued sustainability performance, the TI/YBI Project will withstand the test of time.

Public Participation and Transparency

Sustainable development is built upon a process that is transparent, participatory and fully informed by social, economic and environmental values. The best plans are based on assessment of alternatives and a determination of the alternatives that best promote human and ecological health. These values guide all actions undertaken by the City and TICD toward achieving the current objectives for the TI/YBI Project.

View the Sustainability Plan (PDF)

Sustainability Map